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Learning Scalability in Higher Ed

Classroom dynamics today are unable to support the development of critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills that are most in demand by employers. A 2015 study by the Council for Aid to Education reported that 40% of graduating college seniors lack the complex reasoning skills necessary for white-collar work. Budget constraints are driving increases in class size and the rapid adoption of new online learning models. Students are disengaged, and learning is passive. A new approach is needed to break the dependence on multiple-choice assessment and promote learning methodologies that better prepare students for the workplace.

Peerceptiv helps instructors engage their students through research-validated peer assessment. The key to achieving outcomes is to properly incentivize students in the review phase, on the giving side of the feedback loop. Grading algorithms refined over years of research at the University of Pittsburgh motivate students to apply themselves in the role of instructor to their classmates, while a wide range of analytics confirm course objectives are achieved, quickly identify students in need of intervention, and guide rubric improvement over time. A convenient shared assignment library of actual, instructor-developed assignments makes course creation easier and guides instructors to high-outcome assessments.

Peerceptiv has years of experience in integrating with learning management systems. When configured in Canvas, Peerceptiv offers a seamless learning solution. Students auto-populate into Peerceptiv, all course and assignment management takes place within the LMS, and the overall grade automatically passes back into the Canvas Gradebook.  

Technical support is provided not only for instructors, but also for students.   

How can professors more easily promote Writing in the Disciplines (WID) and other formative feedback tasks that develop critical thinking skills? Please join Peerceptiv on April 26th for the webinar, “Engaging Students and Scaling Learning using Research-Validated Peer Assessment.”

Keep Learning,

Mark Limbach
CEO of Peerceptiv