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Kung Fu Canvas

“I can show you the path, but I cannot walk it for you.”

—Master Tan Soh Tin, Chinese Kung Fu master

It takes discipline to master a skill, or to learn new ways to reach others. We at Instructure know that anything worth doing, like the martial arts, is worth doing correctly—and we can learn best when we help each other and grow together.

That’s why we created Kung Fu Canvas, a professional-development course for institutions to use to train anyone teaching a course or building a course in Canvas. You can find Kung Fu Canvas in our learning-object repository, Canvas Commons, where educators discover, import, and share resources.

It helps Canvas beginners get started with awesome videos and guides, and helps Canvas veterans to take their art to the next level.

You can use this as a self-paced course, or as a teaching tool in a face-to-face professional-development class. This course is intended for K-12 teachers but can be adapted easily for higher ed. It can also benefit anyone creating a course (designers, school and district administrators, etc.). For gamification fun (what?!?), we added colorful Kung Fu belts (badges).

Kung Fu belts

Kung-Fu Canvas belts are: yellow, orange, blue, green, brown, and black. Earn your Canvas belts by watching video guides and practicing what you learn. If you learn and use all the cool tools and features of Canvas, you earn your Canvas Black Belt.

yellow belt

Requirements to earn: Setting up your account in Canvas and Basic features for teaching with Canvas

orange belt

Requirements to earn: Using Content pages, Creating Assignments, and Understanding the Gradebook

blue belt

Requirements to earn: Using Discussions and Quizzes

green belt

Requirements to earn: Organizing your course, Grading with SpeedGrader, and Communicating in Canvas

brown belt

Requirements to earn: Using Outcomes, Rubrics, and Quiz Banks

black belt

Requirements to earn: Using course analytics, Importing content into your course, Installing and using apps, and Staying up-to-date through release notes

kung fu computer

The entire Kung Fu Canvas course should take 6-12 hours, but have patience. The goal is to empower your faculty and other professional learners, not overwhelm them. You can be a VERY successful teacher in Canvas with the first four belts. Check out all the Kung Fu Canvas details here.

Keep learning,

Mike Cowen
Product Engagement Specialist, Canvas