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Keynote: Product Update + Importance of Assessment

IC17 mitch benson

Customer service, support, feedback, and a new assessment management system (AMS) took center stage at the Mission: InstructureCon 0017 keynote given by Mitch Benson, the vice president of product for Canvas by Instructure.

Benson told the audience about Canvas users’ role in product process and management at Instructure. Canvas’ product team spent over 500 days with users to get feedback, monitored 2,654 submissions in the Canvas Community, and received suggestions and feedback to make the platform better for teachers, students, and administrators.

Benson previewed the Canvas roadmap for 2017, and demonstrated new products and updates including: Blueprint Courses, an updated Student Dashboard, Canvas Teacher Mobile App, and Quizzes.Next, among others that are in the works. 


Sparks IC17

Senior Product Manager Jason Sparks then took the stage for a big announcement: Instructure will release Gauge, a comprehensive assessment management system (AMS) to regularly measure student learning and more insight and timely results.  


-Informs everyone

-Enhances what works

-Saves time and effort

-Provides actionable data

-Links assessment to learning

Read about the product features for Gauge here and Jason Sparks’ Seven Answers About…Gauge here.