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      Keeping Track of the Rapidly Changing Expectations of LMS Users With EesySoft

      Do you remember the first time you logged into an online class? The thrilling excitement of typing in your student ID and the amazement of seeing your course online? It was new, and as a result there were very little expectations surrounding the experience. If you couldn’t figure out how to use the video function, it sufficed to click it randomly until it worked. If the mechanisms for group communication weren’t functioning correctly—no worries! Just do it via email instead. The idea that aspects of teaching and learning were moving online was exciting enough to ignore the shortcomings.

      Fast forward to entering your most recent online course.

      Perhaps there was some frustration because the page didn’t have built-in video buffering. Maybe the how-to guide was missing, or relevant support articles didn't load automatically. Needless to say, expectations have evolved a lot from what they were just several years ago.

      COVID-19 has accelerated the need for digital transformation

      The challenges presented by COVID-19 continue to affect educational institutions around the world to varying degrees. Regardless of the stringency of measures schools need to take, the overarching theme is that effectively all institutions are under pressure to deliver significant changes to the classroom over a very short timespan. Ambitious overhauls combined with little time and tight budgets will inevitably cause some difficulties. Institutions are exceptionally busy, whether it's with creating online environments and workflows, modernizing content and materials, providing relevant instructor training programs, or onboarding students remotely—and the list goes on!

      The mission at EesySoft has always been to help students and faculty get the most out of their educational tools, systems, and platforms, and by extension to optimize the learning experience as a whole. This mission has been amplified by the consequences and needs resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, and we've supported hundreds of institutions over the past few months to ensure academic continuity and clear communication with their staff and students. 93% of our customers have used EesySoft to address the challenges the pandemic has presented to them, and we plan to continue assisting them as the new term begins and as we enter a world of education vastly different than just months ago.

      Addressing changing expectations with proactive communication

      With EesySoft, institutions are able to ensure communication with their faculty and students through various formats of personalized messages and ensure those users have ready access to role and context-specific support directly within Canvas. EesySoft helps alleviate and automate some of the work that otherwise falls on educational technologists, instructional designers, support staff, and other key LMS stakeholders, and allows them to focus their efforts elsewhere.

      So, how does it work?

      Simply put, EesySoft allows institutions to take targeted actions based on Canvas usage and adoption data. Consider the examples below (or check out our community-sourced EesySoft universe for even more examples).

      • Instructors who haven’t set up a tool that's vital to student success: A message will appear proactively nudging them to do so and will include links to pre-made support resources where they can find more information.
      • First-time teaching assistants who need training on using SpeedGrader: They see a video on-screen when they access that area of Canvas.
      • Students who are stressed about properly using proctoring tools: Based on their role, they receive a message with on-screen tips at the exam login page.
      • Instructors who attended a training session: A message will appear that provides them with a recap and a link to the next (more advanced) training session.

      Our key focus is to help get ahead of LMS users’ expectations and be helpful during stressful and high-pressure times. Our solutions provide users with dynamic support information, allow them to set up new workflows easily, encourage student participation, and integrate easily with certain third-party tools such as Canvas Studio.

      Every institution’s stakeholder expectations are different. We're here to help individual institutions recognize those areas of need, provide customized efforts to meet their user expectations, and plan proactively in tandem with our customers to facilitate improvements to their teaching and learning experiences. Now more than ever, we are here to help.

      We’d love to hear about your institution

      For a range of other EesySoft examples, head over to our website at, or swing by our virtual booth during CanvasCon Online! EesySoft customer Foothill College will host a session where they showcase how our solutions have helped them in various situations over the past several months. We look forward to seeing you there!