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Introducing the Canvas Partner Portal, Your Virtual Toolbox

Have you ever seen one of those gigantic rolling tool chests—the kind you find in a mechanic's shop or in the garage of a serious do-it-yourselfer? They hold all kinds of drills, sockets, screwdrivers, and pliers, all made to solve a specific problem. Some might even solve problems you didn’t know existed. (Chain puller, anyone?)    

Canvas Partner Portal LMS Virtual toolbox

In June, we launched the new Canvas Partner Portal, our equivalent of the big toolbox, but made for builders, fixers, and DIYers of the education variety. It offers more than 100 virtual learning tools and services, all developed by Canvas partners to provide solutions for Canvas users. We’ve tested each of these tools for interoperability, so you can be sure they work seamlessly with Canvas.

Within the portal, you can sort partner pages by K-12, higher ed, partner level, or solution category. Individual partner pages provide additional information to help you evaluate each tool. They include case studies, user guides, white papers, videos demonstrating how the tool works within Canvas, and FERPA or ADA compliance statements. With the new Canvas Partner Portal, finding the right learning tool for the job has never been easier. And you don’t need to make room for the giant red toolbox.

Visit the Canvas Partner Portal any time to ask us a question, browse our partner listings, or connect with the Canvas user community.

Keep Learning,
Dave Nelson
Partnerships Manager