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      Interactive e-Learning: Redefining the Classroom

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      We believe interactive e-Learning will revolutionize the educational experience and Clixie Media is ready to help you capitalize. 

      The Rise of Video

      Cisco has predicted that by 2019, online video will account for 90% of global internet traffic. Video has already taken over online marketing, entertainment, and news -- education is next. Distance learning is the future of education. Video content is more engaging than written content. Informational and educational content also has a higher retention rate when presented using video. Students enjoy watching video content and strongly agree that technology does not distract them from learning and the capability to stop, rewind, and skip sections was beneficial to the learning experience. Video, specifically interactive video, can break down the boundaries of traditional classroom education, while maintaining the effectiveness of face-to-face learning.

      Interaction is a key component of distance learning education. Researchers and practitioners agree that interactivity increases learning satisfaction in distance education courses and also enhances the learning experience in ways video alone cannot. In a pilot student conducted at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, we found that students were 20 times more likely to watch a video that included interactive elements. In its simplest form, interactivity allows students to interact with video content to obtain more information about objects or concepts inside the video. This allows them to discover more material about a specific subject or easily find an outside resource. Interactive online video is like having a personal digital assistant taking notes about things you find interesting or important, without interrupting the learning experience.

      Benefits of e-Learning

      1. Ensures students spend less time learning information they already know and saves time usually spent finding additional resources to further understand information.

      2. Increases student engagement and focus, thus improving the overall learning experience and retention of course material.

      3. Provides educators and faculty access to valuable analytics.

      How We Fit In

      Clixie Media provides a fully integrated software within Canvas that allows educators to easily add interactivity and other features to existing video content. The resulting videos are mobile-responsive, allowing students to access the content on any device, and customizable to the instructor’s needs. Beyond interactivity, Clixie allows instructors to chapter information, deliver in-video quizzes and polls, and add conditional branching so only relevant content is shown. Clixie also collects macro and micro level data about video viewing behavior that educators can use to respond to students’ interests and needs. Instructors are able to see how many students watch each video, for how long, what sections of the video were watched, where students click on the video, and when they do so. All of these data metrics are also available at the individual student level. This information allows professors to be responsive to students by adjusting in-class readings to reflect student interests or by providing supplemental teaching material to address confusion. 

      To learn more about Clixie Media and see a demo of our product, click here.

      We are also excited to be at the InstructureCarn in July and will be providing private demonstrations to any interested customers. Click below to sign up for a demo.