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      Instructure & Turnitin "Innovating Together for Better Education in 2022 and Beyond"

      In this live session, Instructure and Turnitin will meet for a fireside talk on their shared vision for the upcoming years. Hear directly from our partner Turnitin on its evolving Purpose and major innovations Turnitin is introducing for assessment with integrity. We will talk about the changing needs of learners and educators driven by the ongoing shift in the learning process. We will also cover how Turnitin and Instructure keep working together to address these needs through innovative educational technology solutions. For more Videos & Insights, visit the Instructure Study Hall: Interested in Canvas LMS? Get more info here: Check out the Canvas Community for more tips! Listen to the Canvascasters wherever you get your podcasts! Get Canvas for Dummies: Everything You Need to Know! Follow us on Social Media! Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: #Canvas #EdTEch