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Instructure Combines the Power of Portfolium and Canvas

One of the biggest reasons I started Portfolium was to provide a path for students to showcase their achievements to serve as proof that they were ready for future educational and career opportunities. Almost six years after founding the company, Portfolium serves over five million students, teachers, and alumni at institutions around the world. 

This year, Portfolium was acquired by Instructure, maker of the Canvas Learning Management Platform. We knew the union would be beneficial for users of both products, and today we have an exciting announcement for them.  

The Portfolium Network will be made available for all Canvas customers, integrated directly and seamlessly into Canvas free of charge. Students can create a Folio from inside Canvas that will link to the Portfolium Network, which will remain free for them for life; throughout their academic and professional careers, serving as an expanded resume or CV. This integration allows for one click account creation and the ability for users to seamlessly import work from Canvas into their Folio, making their accomplishments portable and discoverable by employers.

Portfolium screenshot

We’ll continue to offer and support the following paid tools, now under the Canvas family of products: 

Canvas Folio Management - Delivers an institutional homepage and deep, real-time analytics on student engagement, skills and competencies, network connections, and interactions across various cohorts. Allows institutions to generate custom reports tied directly to student success initiatives and export accreditation-ready reports on learning outcomes at the student, cohort, course, program, or institutional level. 

Canvas Outcomes Assessment - Provides course, program, and institutional-level assessment by examining student work within Folio. This simplifies the assessment of student outcomes and proves institutional value by showcasing evidence of learning and achievement of skill mastery. 

Canvas Pathways - Engage students through custom pathways that help students navigate their academic and co-curricular journeys and produce stackable credentials, like badges, that build on each other. Automatically issue badges at set milestones through easy integration with Canvas badging partner, Badgr. See the big picture objectives, and track their progress in real-time. 

Canvas TalentMatch - Allows institutions to connect students to potential employers by leveraging the work within Folio to map employer-desired skills to students who have demonstrated mastery of those skills. This seamlessly connects coursework to internships, jobs, and careers and eliminates the skills gap faced by many employers.    

I look forward to where this new solution will take us, and more importantly, to the long-term success that students will find by using it.

Keep learning,

Adam Markowitz

Founder of Portfolium

*EDUCAUSE attendees can learn more about this integration by visiting the Canvas at booth 1745 or