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If it were a video game, would you still be playing?

Gamers put up with glitchy video games as much as teens put up with boring YouTubes: they don’t. There are simply too many options available, and by the time your scheduled server updates take effect next weekend, your users have moved on.

Student/professor frustrated over a poor online learning experience due to bad LMS software

[Starship] Enterprise LMS

The same goes for your students and instructors. Either your LMS is improving adoption and retention rates, or it’s Choosing Its Own Adventure (and it’s not a fun adventure). The right teaching tool provides a user-friendly learning experience through time-saving innovations, excellent up-time rates, industry-standard integrations and accessibility, and the customizability to let you be you, at your best.

Canvas Top LMS Teaching Tool, Level Up! Spaceship, Visit us at our Educause Booth

Is it time to Level Up! your LMS? Click below to learn how FSU made Canvas their LMS of choice.

FSU Levels Up their LMS to Canvas, the preferred learning tool.

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Ryan Lufkin
Director of Product Marketing, Canvas