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      Happy Teacher Appreciation Week

      As part of our Canvas Family, we want to pause briefly to say thank you! Thank you for the inspiring work you are doing. Thank you for your relentless commitment to the success and wellness of students everywhere. What you have accomplished over your careers, and especially during the unexpected craziness of 2020, is nothing less than incredible. We salute you and stand by you.


      Educators have held a special place in my heart throughout my life. I think of Mr. Day, my 6th grade teacher who made sure the “new kid” (my family had just moved to a new city) was given an opportunity to find her own unique voice. Or Mr. Edinger, my ASB and history teacher who helped me see the joy in community advocacy.

      I think of the late Professor Thomas Sobol and how he pushed me to both student teach and explore a career in educational technology, two things that will forever be a part of me.

      I also think of the educators that may have not been my formal teachers, but have surrounded and inspired me nonetheless – my mother, my husband, my friends, all of whom have the dedication (and patience) to ensure their students have the skills to thrive in the world today. You all have made a powerful impact on my life.

      To you, all teachers, we say thank you! We appreciate you more than words can describe. Although most of you are physically away from your students, wondering if you are doing enough, and stressing about how to continue offering the best education possible to your students, you should know that you are doing a great job.

      You are true heroes; you are keeping education moving forward regardless of the craziness of life. In honor of you, and to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, I hope you enjoy these videos that personify the amazing work you are doing as educators.

      Thank You and Keep Learning,