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      Get the Latest and Greatest Canvas Updates

      As part of our mission to support educators and students around the world, we want to keep you informed about what’s going on in the Canvas world. Behind the scenes, we're working diligently to strengthen the product we all love, helping it evolve alongside you and better support teaching and learning. Different folks have different preferences when it comes to consuming news, so here are three places (and three formats) in the Canvas Community where you can get the latest product news.

      #The tl;dr by Canvas LMS

      What is it? A podcast featuring conversations with the Canvas team about what's happening in the product right now, and what's coming next. 

      What to expect: Whether discussing features in the current production release or upcoming development projects, the team tells you why they build what they build—and offers other behind-the-scenes insights along the way. It’s a straight-to-the-point series of deep discussions about all things Canvas.

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      #2 The Updated Product Roadmap

      What is it? A bird’s-eye view of the Canvas product development timeline.

      What to expect: The new Community platform includes an updated Canvas roadmap. You can find it under the “Product” tab. The roadmap indicates the targeted month for each feature release and provides bite-sized information about product development. The roadmap will now be updated monthly and will cover important product updates that are coming down the pike in the next three months. The bottom line? Our approach to communicating our product development status just got bolder. And while it’s not a set-in-stone timeline, it does enable customers to plan ahead feature-wise and engage in discussions about future developments.

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      #3 Canvas Release Notes

      What is it? The nuts, bolts, and nitty gritty of every new product release.

      What to expect: Detailed, technical information on the release of each new feature and how to use it in your Canvas account. Release notes will capture all the “need to knows” and frequently asked questions you might have before you add a new integration or start using a new feature.

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      However you like to get your news, we have an outlet for you. For the latest product update, check out our most recent episode of the tl:dr podcast, where we talk about our expanded partnerships with AWS Educate and Google, the new Canvas Community platform migration, the new-and-improved Canvas roadmap, and a revamp to the Global Announcements feature for all Canvas users. 

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