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      Federal RSI Guidelines & How to Monitor Engagement w/ Harmonize

      Harmonize is known for our vibrant and active online communication platform that engages students and instructors. Ask any online instructor if they have “regular and substantive interaction” with their students, and their answer is likely to be a resounding “Yes!” But with the revised regular and substantive interaction (RSI) guidelines for online education, many instructors are left wondering if they’re doing enough. We’ll then dive into the monitoring requirements of RSI and take a look at how Harmonize’s Engagement Insights engine is built to help instructors. This data-driven dashboard, planned for release in Spring 2022, will give instructors the views they need to track engagement, spot anomalies, and provide feedback to students before it’s too late. For more Videos & Insights, visit the Instructure Study Hall: Interested in Canvas LMS? Get more info here: Check out the Canvas Community for more tips! Listen to the Canvascasters wherever you get your podcasts! Get Canvas for Dummies: Everything You Need to Know! Follow us on Social Media! Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: #Canvas #EdTEch