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Engage Students More Deeply Using Canvas Discussions

Canopy is a new solution, from Canvas Partner 11trees, that transforms course discussion activity to help instructors most efficiently and effectively engage students.

Canopy connects to Canvas in seconds and uses Canvas’ powerful APIs to present discussion activity in a completely new format. 

Instructors log in to Canopy with their Canvas credentials and are presented with a simple list of active courses. Choose a course and Canopy loads all discussion activity into one interactive, sortable, exportable table.

Canopy exportable table

Each student gets a row, each discussion a column. Canopy counts the number of posts and replies from each student, for each discussion, and creates a summary row and column. To help instructors focus their efforts for maximum engagement, Canopy also indicates the last discussion activity for each student, the instructor’s last reply to each student, and replies TO the instructor to which they haven’t yet responded. Canopy is fast - sort a column, search for a specific student, toggle to show average word counts, drill down to view one specific discussion? The results are instantaneous, creating a unique view into student activity and helping teachers focus their effort. 

You can move from student to student, popping out the complete text of a response (including embedded images, videos, and files) to read a student’s work.

Most importantly, Canopy makes it easy to respond to students without leaving the table view. 

Click the Reply button when viewing a specific response and you’ll get a popup containing the student’s work. If the student was replying to you, or someone else, you’ll get the full text to which they responded. You’ll also see the student’s avatar, the discussion topic title, and discussion description so you can quickly orient yourself and further personalize the interaction. If the discussion had a due date, and the student’s first post to that discussion was late, you’ll see a notification.

Canopy reply

Type a response into the rich text editor, hit CTRL-ENTER (or click Send), and your reply is posted to the Canvas discussion as if you’d typed it there directly (the power of Canvas APIs in action!).

You can also choose to message the student privately, through the Canvas Inbox or regular old email.

Bottom line: Canopy helps teachers better invest their precious time in one of our highest impact activities - providing feedback and engaging students one-on-one. By helping identify where to respond, who is most active, who needs a personal note, and making it easy to zoom around the entire course previewing and responding to student posts, Canopy helps teachers see the forest for the trees.

Your Canvas admin can connect Canopy to your Canvas in seconds. We’re confident if you try Canopy for 30 days, for free, you’ll want to subscribe. Canopy pricing is affordable and transparent - visit Canopy to learn more or contact us about trying Canopy at your school. And please consider joining our Canvas Partner Webinar on October 16 2019 for a live demo and discussion about - discussions!

Click here to register for this free event or visit Canopy to learn more about 11trees and our solutions focused on feedback and student engagement.

About 11trees

11trees develops productivity and engagement solutions that compliment the platforms we already know and love: Canvas, Google Docs, Microsoft Word. Along with Canopy, 11trees solutions include:

-Annotate PRO makes it easy to create, share, and use libraries of reusable comments, speeding feedback in Canvas SpeedGrader, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word. Featuring the College Edition library of 230+ key writing concepts and powerful analytics, Annotate PRO can help your institution take feedback to the next level.

-Q for Success curates and streamlines student access to key academic resources, bringing them inside the solutions students use to think and create: Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Canvas. By putting course-specific assignment details, library databases, tutoring services, and writing help into a single unified experience only one click away, Q increases student use of the resources we know help them to succeed.

Keep learning,

The 11trees team!