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      Dropbox & Canvas: Keeping Students and Faculty Connected

      In a continued effort to keep educators and students connected, we’ve expanded our partnership with Dropbox to make sharing files and managing course content easier than ever. We kicked off our Dropbox partnership with an integration that allowed students and faculty to embed Dropbox content in Canvas courses. Now, we’re bringing Canvas into Dropbox for a seamless and collaborative experience.

      With the new integration, students can organize, collaborate, and submit assignments directly to Canvas directly from Dropbox without jumping from app to app. In addition to a streamlined student experience, educators can centralize course content in Dropbox and easily add slides, lectures, videos, and reading materials to Canvas, and review student submissions all in one place.

      We recognize that globally, university leaders are being tasked with delivering unique solutions to ensure that faculty are given the right tools to provide consistent instruction and course management to students, and we’re committed to continued innovation and feature development in partnership with Dropbox to better serve the education space at a time when it’s greatly needed.

      With Canvas and Dropbox, students and faculty will have a comprehensive workspace for teams, tools, and content to come together. To learn more about the benefits of this integration and how to add it to your Canvas account, visit our community for more information.