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      Discussion Posts. Zzzzz. [Insert Yellowdig Here].

      Students today live online. They communicate, share, explore, learn -- online

      With that, it’s no surprise that online discussion posts have become a universal requirement in academic courses: online, blended, and in-person.

      Canvas, one of the world’s leading LMSs, has bigger fish to fry than focusing specifically on this discussion experience. Allow us to introduce Yellowdig.

      Yellowdig is a social learning platform that integrates with the existing LMS (including Canvas) -- so there’s no need for another tab in your browser.  You can access Yellowdig from within Canvas; it knows who you are and which classes, groups, organizations, and networks you have permission to access.

      Unlike traditional discussion boards, Yellowdig looks and feels like familiar social media technologies.  Users are able to bring in real-world content (photos, articles, videos, etc) to share, question, comment on, and discuss with the rest of their network.  Peers are able to like, love, and comment on posts, while instructors, administrators, and TAs are able to badge, remove, and filter content.  

      An anonymous posting option allows learners to provide anonymous feedback to their peers, or to discuss sensitive course topics without hesitation.  

      Instructors can link Yellowdig to their gradebook, and set point values for actions taken in Yellowdig throughout a semester.  That way, learners are incentivized to participate, and instructors don’t waste time grading or checking for weekly posts.

      Participation thresholds can be set too, so students who forget to post or interact are automatically notified before it’s too late and they feel pressured to drop the course in fear of a low participation grade.

      With Yellowdig, learners drive the discussion.  Instructors don’t have to spend time posting weekly prompts, facilitating and encouraging discussion, or finding and providing the content. Students bring in the content, relate it to course topics, and engage with one another organically. This peer-to-peer discussion experience allows instructors to invest their time in higher value areas.

      For more information on setting up Yellowdig at your organization, email [email protected].

      Keep learning,

      Claire Hubbard
      Product Marketing Manager, Yellowdig