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Data Driven Instruction and Canvas

One of the biggest topics within schools is the need for teacher’s daily instruction to be driven by student data. 

What is Data Driven Instruction?

Data Driven Instruction

Data Driven Instruction is a method employed by teachers to improve instruction by dissecting the information they have about their students. While seemingly complex, I’ll breakdown the process below to illustrate that it’s a rather easy, yet effective, approach to keeping students on track.   

First, data driven instruction begins by collecting data from standardized tests, benchmark assessments, formative assessments, and even classroom observations. 

Second, you analyze data to find the strengths and weaknesses of the whole class, small groups and individual students. 

Third, you make decisions about the standards to be addressed and the resources for instruction/practice to support those standards. 

Fourth, is implementing the plan.  Please budget an appropriate amount of time as students need ample practice to develop the skills taught. 

Finally, to measure progress you will re-assess the students and then repeat the steps above.   

Seemingly, this process is a huge undertaking.  It sure felt that way when I was teaching! However, Canvas has now changed the game.

Data Driven Instruction and Canvas

Canvas has partnered with content providers to house multiple programs and functionality under the same roof. This makes the task of data driven instruction a much more seamless process. Let me show you what I mean.  

For example, Coach Digital offers an item bank that will allow me to quickly and easily create customized, standards-based assessments. Those assessments are graded automatically so I can quickly get the results. 

Additionally, I can search their instructional content to address the most challenging standard(s) presented by the assessments. I’m provided with a robust amount of instructional lessons and practice opportunities. In turn, this supports the data findings and, most importantly, reinforces skill development critical for success.  

So, take advantage of Canvas and its content partners to make your data driven instruction that much more effective and efficient. Best of luck this year!

Keep Learning,

Charlie Crouse, M.Ed.

Digital Content Specialist, School Specialty

**Coach Digital offers both a complimentary and paid product through Canvas. For more information, please contact Kenny Spain at