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      Daly Dispatch: October 2020 Edition

      Hello Canvas family, and welcome to my first “Daly Dispatch”!

      Each month I’ll be compiling an update to give you a look at what’s going on behind the scenes: from product updates, to Canvas community highlights, to our vision for the future of education.

      CanvasCon Online: Learning Together While We’re Apart

      First of all, thank you to everyone who attended CanvasCon Online. Since I first joined Instructure in July, I've seen firsthand how much thought and consideration both our team and our customers put into making the event a success. 

      Though it’s impossible to replicate the magic of an in-person event online, based on the feedback we’re getting, I’d say we came pretty close with the content. From the engaging keynotes, to our interactive sessions, right down to the selfie booth, we saw educators do what they've done so well every day this year: use technology to bring people together, even when we have to be apart.

      I was honored to kick off the event with some welcome remarks, sharing what I’ve learned since joining the company and how we're supporting educators in the midst of the pandemic. I mentioned that although I’m in my rookie season when it comes to edtech, it’s clear to me that Canvas is so much more than software. It’s an ecosystem of people, passion, culture, best practices, and technologies that connect in a beautiful way at the point of learning. I continue to be willingly schooled by our internal teams and through my meetings with so many of you. 

      Community Highlights: With Great Growth Comes the Need for Great Support

      With this shift to online learning we’ve seen an influx of Canvas users. The 2 million peak concurrent users in April ballooned to nearly 6 million in September. Our team is working diligently to provide the support you need to implement Canvas, but I know many adoptions have been fast and frustrating for new Canvas users, particularly in K-12.

      It’s inspiring to see educators come together to troubleshoot and problem-solve. We'll continue to simplify the implementation process and make the support experience better for you. As a start, we’ve rounded up resources for guided how-tos, step-by-step training, and Canvas best practices. In addition to these tips and guides, we hope you'll continue to lean on resources like the Canvas Community.

      Speaking of awesome educators, I want to shout out to our Canvas 2020 Educators of the Year. The recipients of this award are embracing remote learning, preparing students for the workforce, and supporting student success and achievement. 

      Congratulations to our winners! 

      Canvas News: Expanding Integrations and New PD Offerings

      In case you missed it, at CanvasCon Online we announced that we're expanding our partnership with Microsoft by including Teams Meetings as one of the default conferencing tools in Canvas. This integration will be offered to all Canvas customers for free with unlimited usage.

      In my first month at Instructure, I met with many of you to get a sense of what you felt was working with Canvas and what wasn't. Time and time again, I heard that you appreciate the openness of the Canvas platform and its ability to connect with multiple learning technologies. We'll continue strengthening our partnerships to make that flexibility possible.

      I also heard that you like smaller and more frequent product updates, so I'll share some of them in these monthly posts. If you don't want to wait, here are other ways you can get the latest and greatest Canvas news.

      And finally, last week we also announced the launch of The Canvas Certified Educator Program. These virtual sessions will provide a combination of pedagogical practices and technical training to strengthen your Canvas use at every level.

      Thank you for everything you do to keep the learning going. To sum up, I’ll quote the brilliant LeVar Burton:

      “Our stories have always provided us with the context for who we are, why we’re here, where we’re going, and even more importantly, ‘What will my particular contribution be, in the service of achieving our uniquely human destination?’”

      I'm proud to be a part of the Canvas community and I look forward to the next chapter of our story.

      Keep learning,