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      Certica + Instructure: Elevating K–12 Assessments & Learning Analytics

      Today I’m thrilled to announce that Certica Solutions is officially part of the Instructure family! 

      As a longtime partner of Instructure and an industry leader in K–12 assessments, item banks, and learning analytics, Certica is a fundamental piece of the K–12 puzzle, helping us bring together the tools needed to provide a rich educational experience that makes learning personal for each student—including the LMS, AMS, data analytics, and high-quality, standards-aligned assessment content. 

      Though Certica provides many essential elements that will greatly benefit teachers and administrators, I’m most excited about what this union symbolizes: a clear message of commitment to our K–12 customers. For many years, Certica has served the same customers as Instructure, and all the while, we’ve shared a common goal to better serve teachers and students with high-quality content and clear, actionable data to improve the learning experience. 

      Speaking of teaching and learning, here are a few ways Certica will enhance the amazing work you are already doing both in and out of the classroom:

      Actionable & Intuitive Data at Your Fingertips

      Videri, Certica’s powerful analytics and dashboard solution, provides a clear snapshot of each student’s assessment, performance, grades, attendance, behavior, and social and emotional well-being in one place, making it easier to understand and address individual student needs in a timely manner. 

      Improved Access to Standards-Aligned Content 

      Certica has built a sophisticated approach to K–12 assessment by creating a high-impact program of tightly aligned item bank content, predictive benchmark assessments, and rigorous formative assessments. 

      More Tools for Creating Valid & Reliable Assessments

      Whether you or your teachers are using the Navigate or CASE Item Banks to build classroom formatives or delivering CASE Benchmarks at the district level, the insights garnered from these assessments can be used to immediately inform instruction and target interventions for a more personalized learning experience. 

      If you’ve ever talked to me for more than a few minutes, you’ve probably heard my thoughts on student assessment data. (Yes, really.) It’s a topic I’ve always felt incredibly passionate about, and it’s ultimately what led me into the edtech world after many years as a K–12 educator. My data philosophy is this: It is not enough to simply “collect” student assessment data. It must be used responsibly to directly benefit students and improve their learning experiences. With the elevated assessment experience that will be provided via Canvas, MasteryConnect, and Certica, leveraging data to inform instructional next steps will not only be possible, it’ll be simpler and more effective than ever before. 

      Though Certica has been an integral part of our customers’ assessment ecosystem for years, we look forward to creating a more seamless integration that better supports teaching and learning.

      Keep learning,
      Trenton Goble
      VP of K12 Strategy at Instructure