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Canvas Network and the Save a Life Initiative

It is important for individuals to know how to react in times of emergency whether you’re at home, the office or a public setting.  The Save a Life Initiative Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) course helps prepare you for natural health concerns and potential microscopic damage when caring for others with blood exposure. This free course on Canvas Network offers pragmatic angles to traditional teaching, providing practice and preparation when faced with bacteria and pathogens. Having this course knowledge significantly decreases the chances of disease transmission. This helps protect you if exposed to bloodborne pathogens, but also co-workers and patients from possible infection.

What You Will Learn

Canvas Network is the best platform to share our free BBP course with learners. The students on Canvas are motivated learners with a passion for improvement, completing the BBP course will teach you how to expertly complete the following:

1. Bloodborne pathogen source identification.

2. Gain knowledge of blood contact risks involved when caring for people.

3. Appropriate cleaning and disposal of blood and blood-containing fluids.

4. The prevention of bloodborne pathogen transmission and PPEs (personal protective equipment) important role.

5. Bloodborne pathogen transmission.

6. Understand the use of sharps to prevent exposure to bloodborne pathogens.

7. Proper response knowledge if exposure does occur.

8. Develop personal responsibility for bloodborne pathogen prevention and further transmission.

Important OSHA-Required Training

This training is required annually by the Occupational and Safety Health Administration (OSHA) and perhaps even your employer. Every employer provides an Exposure Control Plan (ECP), essentially additional training on bloodborne pathogens more specific to your employer and role there.

Different employees may have diverse degrees of patient contact, but potential exposure to bloodborne pathogens pervades the workplace. Fortunately, this course enables you to be active in the reduction of transmission.

Many patients might have compromised immune systems, increasing their transmission rate. Although nurses have strong immunity, the patient to patient transmission is greatly increased if the proper isolation guidelines are not followed.

Complete the Bloodborne Pathogens course on Canvas Network and receive your BBP certification on!

Keep learning,

Mackenzie Thompson
Marketing Director of National Health Care Provider Solutions (NHCPS) and Disque Foundation