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Canvas is a Learning Platform

Remember when you had to develop pictures to see them?

You'd have to wait and wonder if they would turn out. How about mailing letters? Lick the envelope (ick), put it in the mailbox, and hope it was delivered.

Some people don't even know what this is. It's like a memory card. Sort of.
Some people don't even know what
this is. It's like a memory card. Sort of.

In today’s world, innovation moves toward instant communication and openness, like email and digital photography. I don’t even know where I could buy a box of Kodak film anymore.

In education, innovation is happening with professors tweeting, YouTubing, classroom flipping, and more. This type of innovation is quick, easy, and open. Forklift upgrades are something that are quickly becoming antiquated, like camera film and snail mail. The new way for quick, easy, and open innovation is building on an open platform.

Last month, Marti Harris of Gartner Research and Phil Hill of the Delta Initiative have published their thoughts on platform based education technology.1, 2 Marti specifically encourages CIOs to develop a learning stack strategy in an agile environment where “elements can be added or removed as needed without changing the entire platform.” The LMS may be the platform if it is “amenable to opening up its system.”

This is a metaphor.
This is a metaphor.

Canvas is an open learning platform -- it was designed to be this from day one. Here’s what we think it means to be a learning platform. 1. Be open. Canvas has open APIs, an open community, and even open source code. 2. Native to the cloud. Being a native cloud app means that innovation isn't waiting for the semi-annual "release train" to get up and running. 3. Work with your users. We have over 120 smart institutions using Canvas. Our users regularly submit integrations and provide insights and ideas for us to work with. These customers are the trail blazers in education technology.

Today, as part of Instructure’s ongoing effort to make Canvas the best learning platform, we’re launching our Extension and Integration Library. It's a small start, but we think you're going to like it.

Keep learning,

1 Marti Harris of Gartner Research, February 12, 2012
Building Learning Stacks for an Evolving Learning Environment

2 Phil Hill of Delta Initiative, February 3, 2012
Farewell to the Enterprise LMS, Greetings to the Learning Platform