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Canvas Expert? You Should Be A Canvassador!

They are a formidable crew of Edu Leaders. These innovators, forward-thinkers, and technology enthusiasts walk among us. By day, they share their creative genius by shouting it from the rooftops (aka Canvas LMS, in the classroom, on an actual stage, Twitter, the Community space, you get it...). By night, they take off their panda suits and prepare to do it all over again. They are —drumroll please— the Canvas Canvassadors!    

These 50+ individuals from all over the world act as the ears, eyes, and voice of Canvas. They work closely with Instructure to advise on ways to improve our products to make overall education better. Canvassadors continually look to move education forward by blogging, hosting webinars and discussions, presenting at national conferences and much more! You can see them in action this year at our internal conference  InstructureCon 2017 in Keystone, Colorado. Join us this summer for an insane amount of fun.

Canvassador Panda

The Canvassadors are go-getters to say the least:   

"I have hosted a live #CanvasChat on Twitter on Designing for Engagement, presented at Florida CanvasCon, and witnessed the lightsaber phenomenon of 2016 while speaking at the Canvas booth at FETC."

—Michelle Lattke, LMS Admin & Course Designer, Pasco eSchool  

"I presented Canvas as a district level PD in January of this year.  Many of the other teachers have been fiercely loyal to Edmodo and Google Classroom.  After seeing how smoothly Canvas integrates with our school devices many teachers were hooked and excited to try Canvas in their classrooms."

—Bruce Ketcham, Eighth Grade Social Studies, Whiteville City Schools 

Canvassador Swag

"At TCEA 2015, I worked with Bailey and Casey Williams on a presentation at the Canvas Booth. Our theme was top 10 things teachers liked about Canvas. We had a great turn out! Attendees were interested in the discussions and the blended environment."  

—Maria Harrington, Classroom Technology Designer, Katy ISD   

"We've been working hard to make sure that we have great service around Canvas, which includes workshops and websites, consultations and outreach to new faculty. We've integrated Bluejeans, a web-conferencing service, into Canvas and are trying to grow our Canvas ecosystem by exploring other tools and integrating them when they prove useful/interesting."

—Victoria Getis, Manager Faculty Support Services, Northwestern University

Canvassador Paper

Do you want to be among the crème de la crème at Canvas and be among the ranks of the Canvassadors? We are taking applications now! We would love to have you apply here or you can contact Jenny at for more information.

Keep Learning,

Jenny Peterson
Event Marketing Coordinator, Canvas