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Canvas Announces Contract With Georgia Tech


Canvas by Instructure has announced a new learning management system (LMS) contract with The Georgia Institute of Technology, to support global learners and educators for both residential and online courses.

Beginning with a small group of courses in Fall 2017, Georgia Tech will begin the transition away from their current learning management system and will implement Canvas in residential and virtual courses as well as non-credit, professional education, and lifelong learning opportunities. This implementation is planned to begin on a large scale in Spring 2018 and will reach completion by Spring 2019.


Over a two-year period, the Office of the Provost at Georgia Tech conducted an in-depth learning management system review process in which faculty, staff, administration, and students evaluated and provided feedback on a number of products. Educational technology provider Canvas by Instructure was selected as the primary vendor by Georgia Tech for its new learning management system.


The platform provides a cloud hosting solution, an open API, mobile applications, and the possibility of future software add-ons. Canvas can provide a flexible infrastructure for educational growth as Georgia Tech continues to expand, digitize, and diversify its educational offerings.


“Canvas exists to make the learning process better and more efficient for students and faculty alike," said Jared Stein, vice president of Canvas higher education product and strategy at Instructure. "We’re thrilled to help Georgia Tech improve student outcomes and maximize their students' learning potential.”