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      Broward's Big Game -- Prioritizing Vocabulary

      Join James Frye, Tedder Elementary's Reading Coach in and BCPS School Performance and Accountability Support Specialist, Wanda Ponder in a discussion about how Tedder Elementary participates in "Broward's Big Game". This annual competition is organized in a bracket-system to allow students from Cadre 8 to compete against one another. Broward's Big Game culminates with a championship round wherein the leading school is celebrated as Cadre Champion! For more Videos & Insights, visit the Instructure Study Hall: Get Canvas for Dummies: Everything You Need to Know! Interested in Canvas LMS? Get more info here: Check out the Canvas Community for more tips! Listen to the Canvascasters wherever you get your podcasts! Follow us on Social Media! Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: #Canvas #EdTEch