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      Announcing: The Edtech Collective, Instructure's Partner Ecosystem!

      I'm delighted to announce the launch of Instructure's new partner ecosystem, The Edtech Collective! At Instructure, we believe open collaboration makes our learning platform stronger, our customers more successful, and teaching and learning easier, and we're eager to work with companies who are equally committed to learning, innovation, and technology.

      If you know Instructure, you know we've always nurtured partnerships and championed open integrations but we felt it was time to elevate the experience! So, what is The Edtech Collective? It's a space where Instructure partners can connect with educators, and educators can find the best tools to build their digital classrooms.

      For partners, this means:

      A listing in the Instructure Community, one of the largest (and most engaged) online communities of educators. Here, you can get your product or service in front of millions of potential users and connect with interested educators.

      Trust-building credentials. Earn badges for your profile, such as a "privacy and security" badge for protecting student data, a "longevity" badge for demonstrating your commitment to improving teaching and learning through collaboration, a "support champion" badge for delivering high-quality customer support, and more.

      Plentiful and various marketing opportunities, including a presence in The Study Hall (Instructure's customer-facing content hub), in our social channels, and at events such as educator-focused webinars and the beloved annual InstructureCon.

      Rising-tide brand recognition. Instructure's flagship product, Canvas LMS, is a household name, not just in the edtech space, but in literal households, offering unparalleled support, security, and uptime. Integrating with Canvas or otherwise partnering with Instructure sends a strong signal to educators and the larger edtech market about the legitimacy, usability, and innovativeness of your tool or service.

      Access to the Instructure Partner Lounge, an authenticated, partners-only resource hub. We'll regularly post important updates and information here, including newsletters, technical references such as API/LTI documentation, and partner-focused events such as live streams and IMS Global Periodic Briefings from Unicon. This stuff supports your success as an Instructure partner, so you'll want to check in often!

      For educators, this means:

      A single destination for all edtech. We have no pretensions of providing every digital solution for every user ourselves. Instead, we offer an open edtech environment that puts teachers and students at the center of the universe, making it easy for them to create a holistic and connected learning environment that meets and adapts to their specific needs.

      An easy way to filter and vet partners. Educators can browse for partners that are relevant to them, whether that's adaptive learning tools or custom development services. Collective Credentials offer at-a-glance information about each partner, so educators can quickly see who offers stellar support, who's received top-notch privacy and security ratings, which tools other educators are using, and more.

      For more information or to join The Edtech Collective, please visit

      We look forward to working with you!

      Keep learning,
      Tara Gunther VP of Partnerships, Instructure