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      All for One and One for OneRoster®

      In our Canvas SIS Integration: Mission POSSIBLE blog post at the end of July, we shared some news about our SIS Integration Platform. To piggyback on all of the excitement that announcement generated, we're here to give you the latest and greatest about what we've been up to with the OneRoster® standard.

      Canvas is OneRoster® 1.1 certified

      We did it! We're bidirectional! Canvas is now OneRoster® 1.1 certified for both rostering AND assignment grade passback. This means we can play nicely with any third party SIS or tool that offers open access to the elements of their integration so long as it adheres to the standard. We're already seeing widespread adoption among providers and other platforms like ours; it can take a little while to see adoption of the latest iteration of any standard, but we think this one's a real game changer.

      To see a current list of certified solutions, check out the IMS Certified Product Directory.

      Gauge is OneRoster® 1.1 certified, too

      As many of you know, we introduced Gauge, our comprehensive assessment management system (AMS), to the world not that long ago. And we can't even tell you how proud we are to have launched it as a OneRoster® certified product right from the start. Our current implementation has support for rostering, and we’re working on releasing grade passback functionality soon.

      For those of you who haven't heard about Gauge yet (you're totally missing out), don't worry, we've got you covered. Go on and give our Introducing the Gauge AMS blog post a once-through to get up to speed.

      What's next?

      Development of the OneRoster® standard is under the leadership of IMS Global Learning Consortium, but we know we also have an important part to play as the specification is further developed. Our very own Oxana Jurosevic, Product Manager for SIS Integrations, is a proud member of the Product Steering Committee and regularly contributes to advancing the standard through her participation in technical working group meetings. We see OneRoster® providing great value to schools, districts, and educational institutions well into the future, and having someone like Oxana to guide us is an incredible asset.

      If you ever have questions about standards or how we're supporting them, we encourage you to reach out to your Instructure standards team by emailing

      Keep learning,

      Lauren Vlam
      Platform Standards Specialist, Instructure