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      A Call for Canvas Advocates!

      2019 Canvas Advocates are now making the difficult decisions of where to display their sweet badge and when to flaunt their exclusive swag! Now is exactly the right time for you to get in on the 2020 action!

      This past summer the Canvassador program was updated to be more inclusive (translatable and accessible) of our global user community, evolving into the Advocate program. Advocacy welcomes all users that love Canvas and want to contribute to the greater good! But don’t take my word for it: check out some of these Advocate accomplishments from this year.

      • Eddie Small & Marcus Painter, also known as The Canvascasters, just wrapped up their 12th episode, focusing on the experiences and successes of other Canvas users (some are fellow Advocates)! If you haven’t already, you should pause this read and go follow them on Twitter and subscribe to Canvascasters wherever you listen to your podcasts! Then resume your reading and follow it with a listen to their interview of Scott Dennis and me: Canvas Community w/ Renee & Scott.
      • Lauren Sayer, Director of Learning Technologies and Design, Haileybury is a well-known presenter, especially in Asia/Pacific! She’s presented at CanvasCon Sydney and most recently was the keynote and presenter at the “leading a digital school conference”. Here’s a small taste of her magic!

      Wow is not a grand enough word, especially since these are only three among thousands of examples. You’ll find others at the conferences you attend, the social hashtags you follow, the blogs you read (like this one!), the podcasts you listen to, and all throughout the Community. [Pro Tip: Follow more Community members with the Awesome A (for Advocate) next to their name!]

      We know you’re already doing many of the same things our Advocates are doing, so if you’re ready to be more intentional and official in the way you share, join us! Shine your light, brightly! (swag, maybe?)