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Who We Are

Instructure is an education technology company dedicated to improving digital teaching and learning experiences. We believe in the power of people to grow and succeed throughout their lives, and our goal is to amplify that power. Our lifelong learning platform connects all the digital tools, services, and content that educators and learners love. It includes solutions for learning management, video learning, assessment, cataloging, career readiness, and more.

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The Standout Stuff

If there’s anything we don’t want to be, it’s a hermetically sealed monolith. We are an ever-expanding ecosystem built on openness. Learn more about how we work and how we include the educational community at every step.

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Our Story

Get the scoop on Instructure's origin story, major milestones, and impressive stats.

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Our Community

The Instructure Community is a super-engaged, super supportive online group of 1 million+ educators, technologists, students, parents, and more who help drive the development of our products.

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Our Partners

Instructure is all about open integrations. We want technology-enhanced education to have the greatest impact possible, and partnering with innovative companies helps make that possible.

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