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Canvas LMS

The world's fastest growing LMS that scales your best curricula and instruction, and of course the happiness of your teachers and students.


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Differentiate Learning and Scale Instruction

Canvas LMS is easy and flexible, so teachers can create courses that are engaging and effective. Is it intuitive? Absolutely. Does it help facilitate blended learning? For sure. Does it maximize teachers’ time so they can focus less on the administrative stuff and more on teaching and learning? You bet! With built-in tools that make it easy to differentiate and scale great instruction, Canvas enables evidence-based teaching activities that actually increase student achievement.

Rich, Targeted Feedback with SpeedGrader

Whether traditional, standards-based, or other types of grading, Canvas LMS has your back. Teachers can build learning objectives into their courses using Outcomes, and then using SpeedGrader, accurately and efficiently align grades on assignments and quizzes with specific outcomes using rubrics. SpeedGrader helps teachers provide rich, targeted feedback with annotations, use a rubric for scoring and provide individual scores on learning outcomes, and even use the device’s camera/webcam to provide video feedback to students. Using SpeedGrader not only populates the gradebook, but quickly creates powerful and actionable reports around the standards students do and don’t understand.

Reflect and Collaborate with Canvas LMS

Opportunities to reflect and collaborate with peers create a playing field where it’s safe to try new things, experiment, and learn from failure as well as success. This gives students ownership of their learning journey.

Connect Your Classroom

Canvas LMS integrates with your SIS, your AMS, and a seemingly endless list of educational technology tools and apps. In other words, you can keep using the tools you love, like Google for Education or Office 365, all within the single-sign on (SSO) Canvas environment. It’s like a party in the cloud, and everyone’s invited.


Canvas LMS makes communication easier too. Teachers can communicate with individual students, groups of students, or the class as a whole. They can also communicate with parents, helping parents stay involved in their child's school life. Users can customize reminder and notification preferences to stay in touch when, and how, they prefer.

Community of Learners

Teachers and admins can share content, assessments, even entire courses with each other through Canvas Commons (Canvas’ OER platform) or easily import other open content from repositories you know and trust. Discuss instructional strategies, use cases, and lessons learned, or ask questions within the Canvas Community—the largest, active community of LMS users in the market.

And for students, not only can they communicate via Canvas LMS, but it’s also a great place for collaboration. Students can participate in online discussions and even work in groups and collaborate in their own space within Canvas.