Who Is Instructure?

At Instructure, we believe in the power of people to grow and succeed throughout their lives, and our goal is to amplify that power. We achieve this goal by creating intuitive products that simplify learning and personal development, facilitate meaningful relationships, and inspire people to go further in their educations and careers.

To support the journey of lifelong learning, we are expanding our impact in education, growing into the employee development market, and supporting the convergence of the academic and professional worlds.

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Lots of companies have “values.” But ours are different. Because we actually live by them. People actually mention them in work conversations. They inform the way we treat our co-workers and customers. They guide how we build our products. 



We're all owners. We’re accountable for our work and our actions, and we stand behind our products and services.



We’re all about building meaningful relationships based on trust, respect, and mutual success—whether they’re peer-peer, teacher-student, manager-employee, or company-customer.



We’re open to new people, new ideas, and new opportunities. We aspire to create an inclusive and welcoming culture. We strive to be collaborative in our projects, transparent about our intentions, and curious about how things work and how we can make them better.



Our software makes lifelong learning and growth easier. We strive for simplicity and ease of use in everything we do—from product design to communication to customer experience.