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New Zealand’s Government is championing a high-quality public education system. It’s overhauling the sector, from beginning to end, to reflect that education is now an ongoing process.

Further reviews are underway to improve early childhood education (ECE), learning support delivery, the secondary school National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) qualification, tertiary and vocational training. The Government is also reviewing its school property portfolio to ensure every school has a modern learning environment, developing a future-focused Education Workforce Strategy and focusing on raising achievement for Māori and Pasifika learners.

In addition, a new national curriculum prescribing technology at all levels of education, from age five up, has been introduced to prepare students for the digital world.

New Zealand’s education sector accepts that technology has a prominent role to play in its future and is embracing these changes. There’s widespread acceptance from Government and the sector that modern e-learning platforms streamline processes and support teachers and students on each step of their learning journey.

“Many New Zealand teachers were trained up to 30 years ago in teaching pedagogy without technology. So, getting that shift to a digital understanding requires a commitment to upskilling teachers.”
—David Farquhar, Education Specialist

A new report from Instructure, the creator of the Canvas learning management system, shares our expertise, learnings and global best practices during this period of major reform in New Zealand’s education sector. It also includes the thoughts of several technology specialists about the challenges and opportunities of education in New Zealand.

Click here to read the entire white paper.

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