Canvas for K-12 Educators

K-12 teaching. To the power of the digital classroom.

You probably know that teaching quality is the #1 in-school factor in student achievement. Canvas is the digital classroom that connects you to the tools you need and love, so you can focus on said #1 factor.


Focus on what you do best.

Students need your knowledge and attention. Canvas saves you time on all sorts of basic tasks (like managing multiple systems) and frees up your valuable time and resources for what your students value most, so you can make the greatest impact possible on their learning.

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Canvas has you covered.

Canvas supports schools in making learning personal. For every teacher and student. Every single day.

Online & Blended Learning

Student Outcomes



Deliver high-quality content with efficiency.

Get intuitive, reliable tools for making any lesson more engaging and memorable. Canvas equips you to provide high-quality content, instruction, and feedback for every learner—in any learning environment. And Canvas welcomes the other apps you love with open arms—connect them all in one centralised hub, with single-sign-on for your and your students.

Save time and energy with Canvas tools

Connect with other online tools that keep students engaged

Blended, remote, or in-person learning

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As a teacher, I really like Canvas data to see where my students are at and how they are engaging with the content. I use Canvas data leading up to exam time to see how much they are actually using Canvas at home. This usually reflects how much independent study they are doing, and the types of resources they are engaging with.

Leah Dempster

Director of E-Learning, St. Mary's College


Turn student data into better lessons.

Canvas puts actionable data in your hands—where it can actually make a difference for your students. See how they’re engaging with assignments, videos, third-party apps, and more. Find out what’s working for them and what can be improved.

Keep up with student engagement

See who’s falling behind right now

Find out what content is working best

Ready for Canvas? Canvas is ready for you.