Your classroom. To the power of Canvas LMS.

Canvas is the open, extensible K–12 LMS built to amplify teaching and maximise learning.

Canvas LMS lets you focus more on teaching (and less on tasks).

Provide equitable access and instructional continuity. For every student. Everywhere. Every day. Canvas LMS is the robust digital foundation for all aspects of learning.

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We wanted a learning platform that really gave commonality of learning processes from K-12 within the college, was easy for people to use, was accessible 24/7, that really tapped into 21st-century learning for kids and for teachers.

Callaghan College

Centralised (yet personalised) K–12 curriculum and instruction.

Everything in One Place

Course materials. Participation and grades. Communication tools. Actionable insights. All right there in Canvas LMS. Ready to support in-person, online, and blended learning.

Accessibility All the Way

All students deserve learning tools that meet their unique needs. Canvas LMS ensures that students, teachers, and parents have equitable access to all materials and instruction.

Interactive Analytics

Data can be daunting. Canvas Admin Analytics makes it easy to view Canvas usage, and allows administrators to see and understand the data that matters most to them.

Instant Content Delivery

Easily upload and share course information in a range of useful, engaging ways. Use Blueprints to share materials across your school or state.

Personalised Learning

Mastery Paths lets you instantly deliver content and instruction appropriate to each student’s level of understanding and performance.

Boost Productivity

You only have one person's-worth of time. Spend it on learning, and let Canvas LMS handle the "management."

Features and Integrations

Digital tools that play nicely with others.

Rubrics. Modules. Calendars. Schedules. Quizzes. Syllabi. Analytics. SpeedGrader (cue applause and wild cheering). Canvas LMS is outfitted with smart, intuitive features that will help take learning to the next level. And then there's the integrations! The Canvas API links right up with all your favourite apps and tools: G Suite, Microsoft Teams, Adobe, and hundreds more, in one centralised learning hub.

Heaps of helpful features
Hundreds of integrations
All inside of Canvas LMS
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Mobile Apps

Learning is on the move.

Canvas LMS has top-rated mobile apps for teachers, students, and parents to keep everyone informed and connected, on the go, on any device. Teachers can engage with students whenever and wherever through an app that boasts best-in-class data security. (It also comes with SpeedGrader, which can cut grading time by 50%.)

My phone is not just for social media. My phone is actually for learning. My parents trust me because when they see me busy studying they think that Canvas is actually a great thing for me.

Mickah Claron

Student, Far Eastern University (Philippines)

Collaboration Tools

Talking in class is encouraged.

Teachers can communicate with individual students, groups, the entire class, or even parents through messaging, audio notes, video, and more. And students can collaborate among themselves via chat group, video, and other messaging tools.

Messaging with students, groups, or the whole class

Audio and video communication

All sorts of student collaboration tools

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All the features you need. None you don’t.

Undivided Attention

Enrich lessons with video and audio, and even include face-to-face interactions. All from within Canvas.

99.9% Uptime

A down LMS can really grind your teaching and learning gears. Canvas keeps your educational ecosystem going strong.

Grades at Lightning Speed

Offer targeted feedback with annotations. Use rubrics for scoring. Share comments via video. Post grades to the Gradebook and quickly create eye-opening reports about student progress.

Insights All Around

Course analytics serve up data that offer insights on students' interactions with instructional materials—useful info when it comes to adapting instruction.

Cloud-Based (and Born)

That means no downtime due to upgrades. Simply log in for instant connection from anywhere—on just about any computer or smart handheld device.

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