Canvas Studio for K–12

Canvas Studio is the next-generation video education platform for K–12 teaching and learning.

Bye-bye, zombification. Hello, electric engagement.

Video is no longer a one-way street. Canvas Studio makes it a dynamic and engaging collaboration between you and your K–12 students, whether you’re in class, remote, or a mix of both.

woman using Canvas Studio

We use Studio in all of our disciplines from the arts to modern languages to English, history, and religion—across the board. You give me a subject and I’ll find a way for you to use it.

Beth Crook

Technology Project Manager, St. Andrews School, DE

Video just updated its resume. Studio gives you:

Your Own Media Library

Create, deliver, host, and organise video content in all major formats. In your own media library.

Easy Uploads & Imports

Students and teachers can add video from phones, laptops, YouTube, etc. right to courses using Studio’s intuitive tools.

Engagement Stats, Stat

See who’s watched a video, for how long, and what parts.

Live Video Integrations

Easily connect with platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Hangouts.

Better Professional Development

Record or import video. Store it, deliver it, and share it with your fellow educators. Even interact via video

Active Learning

Go from passive observation to active conversation.

Robust, easy-to-use tools let you create and deliver interactive learning experiences that hold kids’ attention and stand up to distractions. Students can produce and submit their own video creations in Studio, and can easily collaborate and comment on each other’s work. Everybody stays engaged.

Engagement from anywhere

Easy video collaboration

Stream across platforms and devices

student using Canvas Studio
student taking a quiz using Canvas Studio

Gauge Understanding

Quizzes and grading. Within video. Without headaches.

Studio gives you so many ways to let students know you know what they know—through video.

Add questions to the timeline for students to answer as they watch.

Set up quizzes to instantly give kids feedback on their answers—and submit their grades to the Gradebook.

Watch videos students submit and make inline comments as you go.

Use SpeedGrader to apply rubrics and provide quick, targeted feedback on their work.

Assign videos based on differentiated learning paths.

Learning Insights

Activate eye-opening analytics and insights.

Find out who’s watching which videos and for how long. See overall class data at once or dig into each student’s viewing details. Then use this valuable data to decide how to engage students further.

When I was first introduced to Studio for Canvas, my jaw dropped … This is the one tool I can show educators and watch their fears about creating video content melt away.

Eddie Small

Educator and Consultant, Instructure

man working on laptop

Extra credit for Canvas Studio:

Lessons Get Better

Bring new life, personalisation, and knowledge to your courses with your own video content.

Everybody Benefits

Deliver, host, and organise video in a cost-effective manner across your school.

Absolute Accessibility

Upload and edit caption files and create auto-captions in your choice of 19 languages.

Directed By: You

Record videos with a webcam or upload content by simply dragging and dropping a file.

Embed Video Anywhere

Use built-in sharing options and place Studio videos anywhere. No other platforms needed.

All Inside Canvas

Everyone can easily access, create, upload, and interact with video assets, right inside of Canvas.

Ready to set the scene for active video learning?