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Canvas Studio: Engaging vocational education.

Canvas Studio is the next-generation video education platform for vocational training.

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Our instructors find it very useful to have so many capabilities in one platform. They can connect with students, share videos, share a screen, do demonstrations.

Judith Lea

Director of Distance Education, Coastal Alabama Community College, AL

Canvas Studio's key features:

Your Own Media Library

Create, deliver, host, and organise video content in all major formats—in your own media library.

Easy Uploads & Imports

Both students and instructors can upload video from their devices (or add it from YouTube) straight to their courses.

Engagement Insights

See who’s watched a video, for how long, and which parts. What's interesting/boring/confusing your students?

Collaboration Integrations

Easily connect with platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Hangouts.

Professional Development

Record or import video. Share it with your fellow educators. Receive and respond to feedback. Practice. Even interact via video.

Active Learning

Video learning that captures attention.

Studio's intuitive tools let you create and deliver interactive learning experiences that can hold students’ attention in a world of distraction. Students can also submit their own video creations in Studio and offer feedback on each other's work. Engagement all around.

Video learning anywhere, anytime

Easy video collaboration

Stream across platforms and devices


Not only can I see who watched a video, I can see how long they watched it. It provides me insights so I can know how this video is being used.

Alan Kinsey

Instructional Designer, Germanna Community Colleges, Virginia

Gauge Understanding

Seamlessly incorporate quizzes and grading

Studio makes it easy to weave instruction, assessments, and additional learning opportunities right into the video experience.

Create video quizzes and add questions to the timeline; have students answer them as they watch.

Give students instant feedback on their responses, and submit their grades to the Gradebook.

Watch student-submitted videos and offer inline comments.

Apply rubrics with SpeedGrader, and provide quick, personalised feedback on students' work.

Assign differentiated videos based on MasteryPaths.

Data and Analytics

Get actual actionable analytics and insights.

Find out who’s watching which videos and for how long. See overall class data (this can tell you more about the video), or look at student’s viewing details (this can tell you more about the student). Then use this data to inform your instruction and improve the learning experience.

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Roll the Canvas Studio credits:

Better Lessons

Nothing makes learning feel personal like educator-created content.

Across-the-Board Benefits

Deliver, host, and organise video effectively and efficiently across your vocational organisation.

Accessibility, Emphasised

Upload and edit caption files and create auto-captions in your choice of 19 languages.

Movie-Making Made Simple

Record videos with a webcam or upload content by simply dragging and dropping a file.

Video Everywhere

With built-in sharing options, you can embed Studio videos anywhere. No other platforms necessary.

All Within the Canvas LMS

Access, create, upload, and interact with video assets, right inside the Canvas LMS.

Ready to set the scene for active video learning?