Boost Business Efficiency

Canvas makes business more efficient—and training more effective.

Vocational institutions need to use time, trainers, and funds as efficiently as possible. Canvas creates efficiencies that can help put your business in a much stronger position.

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Did someone say ROI?

We sure did. Canvas isn’t just about enhancing training. It’s about saving time, money, and energy along the way. So how can your organisation attract and train more students with less admin and enable employees to do their jobs more efficiently? Canvas, that’s how. This learning management system was made to make your life easier, and your organisation more profitable.

Increased efficiency

Happier employees

Greater profitability

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Scale enrollment and cut costs.

Think outside of the classroom. Canvas is your engaging, reliable, extensible digital learning ecosystem for enrolling more students than ever before—without sacrificing an ounce of quality. (Better yet, improving it.) Canvas enables instruction and collaboration across time zones and locations via video recording, conferencing, and apps. So you can say “see ya” to excess travel costs.

More students for the same effort

No sacrificing quality

Less spending on travel, etc.


Born (and based) in the cloud.

That means no downtime due to upgrades. Trainers and students simply log in for instant connection from anywhere—on just about any computer or smart handheld device. Canvas also streamlines all the tools and content that both trainers and students love, for a simpler and more connected learning experience overall. And it keeps your organisation’s data completely secure.

Next-level reliability (99.99% uptime)

Complete data security

Instant connection from anywhere

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Ready for Canvas? Canvas is ready for you.