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Our product brands and sub-brands are all part of the Instructure Learning Platform, so it’s important that Instructure branding remains omnipresent to connect those brands with our overarching mission. The following pages feature a variety of co- branding examples.

Instructure Logo + Product Brand Logos

When using a product brand logo that includes “BY INSTRUCTURE,” you don’t need to incorporate the combined Instructure logo and wordmark into your design. Just include the Instructure single mark—in color whenever possible or in reversed/white when it’s not possible.

Instructure logo + Product brand logos example

Instructure Logo + Sub-Brand Logos

When using a sub-brand logo that doesn’t include “BY INSTRUCTURE,” you must integrate the combined Instructure logo and wordmark into your design.

Instructure logo + Sub-brand logos example

Co-Branding Examples


Instructure Co-Branding example

Instructure + Canvas (K-12)

Instructure + Canvas co-branding example

Instructure + Canvas (HE)

Instructure + Canvas(HE) co-branding example

Instructure + Mastery

Instructure + Mastery co-branding example

Instructure + Elevate (K-12)

Instructure + Elevate(K-12) co-branding example

Instructure + Impact (K-12 + HE)

Instructure + Impact co-branding example

Instructure + LearnPlatform (K-12)

Instructure + LearnPlatform co-branding example