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Hello, welcome to the alluring experience session. Is it is Pleasant to be here and share our experience with the Campus Community. As you know, we were the first two drawers and none dare take this path. A waiting instructor. In Spain is it is a d. Not his business school, and will it rain in digital transformation on for companies, people that are leaders who said, make the better Society from The Optimist six years ago.

We were looking for for an LMS. That was not just an LMS that will allow us to design. The best learning experience, not just online in Arabic and his system. That is why we are going to share with you a little Damien. Say, you are a little metal or that we follow on a, for which our Tech is essence.

Aaron right. Now. We are going to throw use ourselves. I'm bored hard on that easy. I'm Chief learning officer from Universidad, de Mondragon and seamless and Design Center.

That means that I can detect Innovation processes and Middle East and also I write a lot about e-learning in a Bugatti on Canino Akiane. Come and let me I'm now. And today I am with my partner that I will enjoy yourself. Hi everyone. Thank you for being here.

Watching our session. I'm sorry Garcia. I'm a graphic designer and user experience with a background of a front end developer. And right now, it's easy. I am the designer and administrator.

So, can you have her contact? You, you're curious about us and you can take a look. Thank you,. Even if you only see as today, we are logical a team made up of of or I'm from different. 314. You have the pictures of our team and let us introduce.

The topic for today. For us is too important to work in a multidisciplinary way from LA and the instructional design counting on First allow me to Define what we understand as the user experience and learning facilitation. We can talk in another decision about how we do show that teaches become pack leader of learning, state, of my mind. How and knowledge and present is a present, eat masterfully. We are still saying that in the face of uncertainty in which society is advancing we face and no challenges and brush it on probation.

Not yet invented language learning is the most demand is competent. We need to create new knowledge through collaboration and cooperation prodigy. Putting learning at the center of organizations and this happens be by being learning facilitators and courage, encourage these collaborative and Stacy are these are you already know the benefits of having a system like,? I referred her to benefits or phone like that of online education. Without a dog out of the pewter and profession. Also, I would like to emphasize that the experience leave Yerington second cinnamon a bike, and we cannot consider.

It is 100% in learning. It was simple survival. Are there for the user experience so far course is 240 reagent learning. This statement may seem simple, but we must move away from the US wanted from marketing and focus on that of learning that church that point you see on the screen follow the program find accountants enjoy their classes and content relay on with classmates and teachers as theirs. Today, Grace the feedback and one simple steam, organ, set community, make a learning community.

And that's why we have a value proposition. That is the focus. And from which we follow to design. Our own line is very antsy. C's, mobile first one unique system and focus on the educational experience in the online campus and optimize Deborah ID.

See the value proposition, One Design learning experience are that I have sent, and when All this makes us not only a student Centre Corona station by the student Centric to extend that we design personalized experience to the learning needs of each student creating a community that lands together. This is this is life. So ask how we work tomorrow in Norwegian mythology in this case and will we use Lynn framework? We have Springs on either occasion, in which we deliver containers value with continuous Improvement, throat of things that throw quantitative analysis. And he's, I got to meet and usability Madrid and qualitative quantitative studies in conclusion. It allows us to continue to waste disposal County News Feed Bag application on a String Line operation.

and also, This is the name, Frank, the vein from the brain works hard for the truancy one more time. And now when we made the decision to be guided by a standard proposed by kambiz about the navigation, the US Marines, use the mothers sentient computer, a computer configured a good syllabus and transport transport transport or use our accountant to Natty's combust. And this makes the student and teachers experience both full and centralized in one system. It allows us to update easily and quickly. I calling the campus road map on the other 100% responsive and functionality.

Throw the compass app from Easter on this alone, as you can see,. So dramatically makes the students find the content they need when they need as well as a task that the record their attention to teachers or students or the community the community. And now is it's time to talk about the design. So maybe that's the most important thing in in, in this case, from the point of view of user experience. Because despite calling us the same AI student does not because The same in a physical classroom Arc.

Nabil talal one, which is the magic that Sarah put in putting in and a key or two hours. That is something special. Thank you. Son, God. The last year-and-a-half.

I just said we already had the comeback. From all set up and this was the center of her experience and of their students parents as well, but we realized that we really need it to make a redesign focusing on the user experience. Why? Because of this image and right here that you have a background because if you look at it, this person could be you right now. Could be one of us. Students, it's me at this moment because I have the laptop on my hand, on my left hand and the cell phone on the other hand.

And what I mean by that is that everyone is a user. Is know what that is used to a really easy introduce online experience and they use it on a daily basis. I mean, why is Facebook on LinkedIn and Twitter and Instagram? So easy to use? And why would we force our students to learn a different way of approaching things when it comes to the Vista compost? So, with that, in mind, we decided to take a look at our current Tempest and I make a redesign and make it even easier. Even faster and more intuitive. And the good thing is that he's come back.

We already had the strength of this platform. Stability. And also, it's on LMS, that allows us to customize a lot of things and to make the online experience really unique for educational institution in our case is easy. But in your case, maybe I know their kind of school University or whatever. So we really wanted to take advantage of that, but we only get to that.

I mean, it depends on us. It depends on the on the wheel of your institution to make this a 2 to take advantage of all the things that campus offers as a sign of MS. Okay, so when it comes to the redesign, we had this really big key question in mine and it's a question. That one has to ask ourselves when Brady signing anything. I mean from Westside online, virtual campus, to online learning experience.

And the question is, what does the user need from me in Disguise? It was, what does the student who really need for my virtual compass? We are a little bit crazy about the data and we ask her all the time to our students to clients to employees, and we really got there. I told that that data. So, you know, that you really signed it, which I compose, we really needed to ask for feedback. And I think that's a really big First Step but it's not because you can ask but your institution really need a profile that knows what to do with this, what to do with the answers, you gave me the feedback. So that's why it's important asking but also knowing how to listen and how to make the right decisions out of these answers that you're getting the divorce even though for the redesign we used is too big.

Principles of the user feedback, of course, we asked our students, how they use the compass, what they needed, why they would like to see the campus. But also, we applied, our work, a dynamic design, thinking something that is it's essential that consists of asking for feedback, and then elaborate a proposal and then asking for feedback again. And then today, Thank you. And so before going into detail of how we make the redesign, I wanted to share with you. This phone, do that.

This could have been on my cell phone. I mean, I think we're all coming out with Dad. This has been our life during I wanted to share with you that we started to think about redesign in the online experience on January have no idea of what this year was going to be like a bad dependent variable time, but also make us, it was like an extra push for us to be motivated and to assure that this this was not just any, but it was mandatory of the time. We really needed to improve the online experience because Everyone was online right now or or face-to-face programs where they from 9 today 100% online. And we really needed to make this.

It's easy and intuitive because of the global situation. So, he's a little bit of the work we have. Done is blame you. We have to be a timeline on the at the top of the, of the side. And we have the phone number to Compass.

And we the first time, the first step that we took was to ask the student for feedback and then we all operate a different design, a different proposals. And with real a great one more time. And we ask for feedback again, and I wanted to share with you the results of the questions that we asked our students. The orange ones are the dancers from the old campus and the blue ones is with the new redesign. Sewing.

You can see with the first question and on the left that 53% of our students found the old campus, really difficult to use and confusing. And that was a big, big red flag, because it was hard for her students that. So that the redesign we managed to decrease this number to 29%. So I think it's a really big win for us. And the second question, I really love it because it's a chicken one.

We asked her students if they missed any functionalities as our compass and with the others design, a the students miss something, they may stand clear agenda or timetable, or the contact of the teachers or a lot of things. And we then you really signed a only 44% of the students missed any functionality, but the trick is that we really didn't have anything new to the campus. We didn't get any new functionality. It was all about designing and making the navigation easier. And I mean, I I love that because it's like a really big difference with a Reliance gas on the side and just listening to the needs of the students.

And as you can see, we also improve a little bit, the speed of the student when they come to find something. And it was as late as 6 /, I / 10 and we increased to 77605. So it's it's good. And how did we get that? How did we get the results? How did we know where to start a redesign in the Detroit campus? And, of course I experienced, when we asked ourselves, this really question. The first one was, or where do they want to go? Where the students want to wear, when they come to the compost, improve their ability? And also in, this is really key point.

A, when I get to Compass flexible, because it's not the same. When I student login for the first time, and they didn't even have started the classes, and they just want to look around and see what's about the course and where, who is my teacher, and whatever Dan, when the same student has a deadline and they want just to upload the file real quick or or answer the checklist. So we really needed to adapt the campus today to the needs of the students. And that's that doesn't really necessarily means an extra amount of work for our side. But to really know the design on the course and to really know that the journey that the student has a when it's when he or she is starting and they are right past where they want to go with the new movie de Sion.

And we are lucky enough to say that, are you sure can reach anywhere in maximum Cricket? So it's very good rate. And it makes the navigation on this year. And also, of course, do they arrive from any device? We are at 2021. This is essential and of course, is make us our lives easier because of the platform and the resources are, of course, responsive, but we really need to take into account that every material that thing struck a blow to the campus a moss look good from a phone. Because right now our students, not always come from the computer.

They use the phone that you was a tablet. And we have some students at they even watch our videos from the smart TV. So you really have to think about everything. And just a quick visual example, here, at the right side. We had the, the old design of a real Dragon Booster, and this is a perfect example of what we ask.

How many calls we instructors. So that the student navigate we had this button with this truck down menus and you have the courses and yes, I was going to look at their current course and navigate to that. But when we listen to our students and go to the next guy, please, this is really what do they need? They needed something fast in your face information. Like if I'm on course to, I need to know what I need to do on course to and how long have I studied of it? And how long is left? How much time I have left of the scores? And I mean, like really simple navigation of the, the key parts of the of the and I mean, I think you can really see the difference and you and that's when it comes to deliver day materials. We we use of course a more diverse and we follow the commands of standard.

We do we have some that are following a timeline proposition that they are the students have all the materials on a chronological order. And we saw a simple presentation like 1 module is one session and it contains everything about this particular system that we also have learned something about social media and that's it to make, make the most recent things at the, at the top of the screen. If I'm on course three, I want to to see the course free to talk. And then the other thing comes from Zillow. And we can buy in this use of models weigh say, the use of pages.

Thank you, Jesus, for allowing us to customize, the beta Stevia HTML, because that's really allows you to do wonders, and to really customize the things that your, your girl's name. And this particular example, we have this everything related to thing working 1 page and we also followed a the ruler of the timeline. So it's very easy to understand and easy to follow. Next. Okay, so I guess we have made our camp is better for students but also better for easy because if you are a thinking about designing your online experience, you have also to think about your employees and they are the people that work with you, on your educational institution in, in the, in our case at eastleigh.

I'll call you Minnie Mouse learning curve from the design to the new one because we followed a compass is Thunder and the internal processes remain more or less the same. But we also have managed to save a lot of time that he can get to the compost like uploading materials, because we had an issue with duplicitous and a lack of standardization that we have sold 61%. Requester is the technical support. And hello. I'm Arthur of is this thing as a person.

And I mean, look up, Romans was about locking of information and also are the signs of compass are modular and reusable. And that means that in a matter of minutes, we gone, and I hope you were, on course to another and adopted two different continents, and a different style. That what what they cost really asked. And that's it for me back to you right now that we have work on is a great Fender. I seen that.

Any accredited institutions will know that we will know what I mean. Not very, very difficult to compete with this in in in LMS know that isn't Amazon Altra with their connections. Crn is very useful and I do not don't want to give decide you. It's they also Encompass back to come to understand that you do not need and learning record system. Has any connection with Salesforce or another? Maybe on the management of the students who are looking for and the use of the great Centre link to the speech.

Grader has a child that they, by the way, she moves by teachers and students break distance barriers on feedback, can be even faster on closure more human and without removing record a specific qualifications scams or bring word from each of the program's, furthermore. They are by government. Entity is not as you know, I seen that. All of us. We know what is a to be accredited.

For example, the speedgrader is sampled use the feedbag, an evaluation and you know, On another key aspect for us, is the, is the number of integration. We carry out the sewer level on an account in Thomas, depending on the location. I propose, we use one or the other. For example, when we need a gummy gummy gummy fication from 105, workers will use, but there are wrong keys and badge. He's also one of the starch solution, East our own funeral in development of certificates, the blockchain on the stadium Network and you will see the architecture at the funeral of this presentation.

I know so we use. We going on. We got we have to say that far from Camas eBay, useful to build our community. Know, on this communication Fiesta restaurant. Let me close by talking about IC Systems architecture now and we are talking about cell phones with Thomas or Thomas Switzer for as you can see on this life.

We have campus integrated with Savers in such a way that we can create courses additions and enrollment from a student automatically automatically, when the sales teams players, the opportunity in addition to their students grades and performance reviews. Goes to lose, shaffer's and work. Each other students transcript, transcript is ultimately build without the nice to make a tatami manual and repetitive effort, with the closure of each program, and this save a lot of time. Human errors from our team. On the other hand, with the data generated by each student safe or is able to recognize who of things, everything.

I got them. Ready. Make them achieve their Academy certificate and back. Cheese in the blockchain Network, on Dish network is built in SL1. And also another one that is blocked right, buttocks pain, but it could be his story in English.

We were the first school in the world to use our certificates, diplomas on on blockchain and this is very, very useful for us, and for our community, on one more detail from from this kind of connections. We have been able to a, how to make a desk. Sotheby's the dedication quality department needs a for example, to our love on money soon. Regardless, and on another video systems like a car to run. Now, a student Studio on this canvas kind of application now, maybe you can connect everything and if you have the denominator is not very tricky and for the last one.

It will we have to ask ourselves. What's next? Ask you to rest. As we have been deciding Microsoft and an Google conditions from businessworld, cooperation and collaboration on a grading on collaboration, Made Easy with Google assignment for simple icing that we, we don't have anything more for 4 second. I was not like to say goodbye with. I'm sorry it without sharing this this quote.

Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you.