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Save the Date for InstructureCon Online!

October 7th 2021

The days are growing longer, the birds are chirping, and it's time to start planning for InstructureCon! Save the date for professional learning, colleague-connecting, in-depth Canvas Qs & As, and more.

Ready, set, present!

Educator-led sessions are what make InstructureCon so awesome. Your colleagues and counterparts want to hear about your unique pedagogical approaches, your time-saving tricks, and your key takeaways from the year that shall not be named.

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CanvasCon is where you get people who are like-minded, all coming together, sharing ideas. There’s always something to learn.

Deborah Millar

Group Director of Digital Learning Technologies, The TEC Partnership

What does InstructureCon Online 2021 have in store?

Get Inspired

Watch uplifting, mind-expanding talks that will make you even more excited about the whole wide world of education.

Connect With Community

Meet educators from all over the globe. Share ideas and discover new possibilities for teaching and learning with technology.

Catch Up With Instructure

Be first to hear what’s new in Canvas and the rest of the Instructure Learning Platform, find out what’s coming soon, and let us know what you’d like to see happen next.

Upgrade Your Skills

Whether you’re new to the platform or a seasoned SpeedGrader, learn to do all sorts of cool, new things with Canvas.

Partner With Our Partners

Learn more about some of the tools that integrate so seamlessly with Canvas to create a better learning experience for all.

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Missed CanvasCon 2020? No, you didn’t.

Surprise! It’s still kicking online. So get comfy and catch up on some uplifting keynotes, motivating professional development talks, and insightful breakout sessions. That’s right. Good things did happen in 2020.

No words… That was hands down the best keynote I’ve ever experienced. Too much to think about and unpack. EVERY educator—no, every PERSON needs to watch the LeVar Burton Keynote.

—Kona Jones

Director of the Teaching & Learning Center, Richland Community College

They dropped some knowledge. We picked it up.

We're still buzzing from the brilliance of CanvasCon 2020’s presenters. Passionate educators. Innovative institutions. Canvas power users. Edtech experts. It’s your turn to watch and learn.

LeVar Burton

LeVar Burton: Actor, Educator, Award-Winner

LeVar believes that storytelling is our superpower. His exhilarating talk will ignite your imagination.

sal khan

Sal Khan:
Khan Academy-Founder, Author

Founder of the nonprofit Khan Academy, Sal discusses how technology can help educators reach all learners.


Kona Jones: Canvas Power User, Instructor

Kona shares how kindness helps us connect and creates a foundation of trust for more meaningful interactions and education.

Keep Up With InstructureCon 2021

In 2020 we took this annual event online. And in 2021 we’re taking it to new levels of online awesomeness. Don’t miss an update about our next jam-packed installment of skill-building, friend-making, insight-amassing, idea-sharing, inspiration-instilling InstructureCon.

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