Canvas Catalog is a simple, modern, elegant course catalog and a branded marketplace for all of your institution’s course offerings.

You focus on teaching and learning. Canvas Catalog handles the rest.

Canvas Catalog streamlines the administrative aspects of registration. It’s incredibly easy to set up and manage and minimizes unnecessary in-house maintenance.

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Creating a sustainable distance learning platform is part of the wider strategic agenda for Hull College Group. Catalog was a natural choice as it presents an easily editable, robust delivery platform. Canvas and Catalog together provide the perfect partnership to allow us to deploy new and exciting online programmes and accredited courses.

—Hull College Group

It’s like a storefront for your institution.

Easy for Students

Searching, account creation, registering, and even paying is as simple and intuitive as can be.

Great for Admins

Manage registration, certification, and a whole lot more without all the back-end work.

Branded for Your Institution

List and promote your course offerings in a familiar, school-themed experience.

Reporting for Duty

Students and administrators can view course progress in custom dashboards, and administrators can generate all sorts of reports.

Streamlined PD

Easily and equitably scale high-quality professional development opportunities throughout your institution.

Easy Course Management

Power to the students. And admins.

Self-registration and self-paced courses make for smooth student sailing. Enrollment, payments, and certificates are all handled automatically. They can easily build, manage, and customise course offerings and pages, plus programs and clusters of courses needed for certification. Even simplify course indexing. Short on technical resources? Catalog has your back with:

Customisable page templates

A rich content editor

CSS & custom JavaScript

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Data & Dashboards

Real-time insights for all.

Students can see customised dashboards to view course progress and keep a clear view of both what they’ve completed and what’s coming up next. Administrators can generate high-level reports to view progress, registration in courses and programs, revenue, and enrollment trends—and easily export them with a click.

Easy progress tracking

High-level reports

Customized dashboards

More to love about Canvas Catalog:

Seamless Canvas Integration

Catalog is part of one big, happy Canvas family.

Create Your Own Programs

Bundle multiple courses together in programs and allow registration in a snap, even for community education and professional development.

Sub-Catalog Listings

Create course listings branded for a specific department, organisation, or team.

Customisable Page Templates

Fill in your own content and publish web pages for FAQs, contact info, and more. Even create landing pages for individual courses.

Personalised Certificates

Set up Catalog to create custom certificates and distribute them appropriately.

E-Commerce as Needed

Easily monetise courses and collect any fees involved, and promote discounts or promotion codes for specific listings.

Ready to make your course offerings a beautiful site?