Intelligent Insights By Instructure

Data-Informed Decision-Making at Scale

Intelligent Insights is a premium analytics solution created for Canvas Admins. It uses AI and analytics to surface the data educators need to make timely decisions to improve teaching and learning effectiveness. Conversational AI and a natural language interface make addressing ad hoc data requests fast and simple. Additionally, pre-built analytics enable proactive tracking of strategic goals, including course effectiveness, LTI usage, and student success.

From Data to Action

Maximise the value and power of your learning data with customisable, purpose-driven insights. Pinpoint best practices, understand LTI usage, proactively identify and address learning needs, and use data to improve outcomes for all.


AI-Powered for Deeper Insights

Actionable Analytics for Proactive Interventions

Customisable Criteria to Set Standards Your Way

Conversational AI as your Data Exploration Partner

AI-Powered Insights

Explore Data with Conversational AI

AI-powered query tools enable Canvas admins to ask a natural language question and receive a textual or visual response with a detailed explanation of the methodology.

Make data-informed decisions regardless of data literacy or technical savvy

Build a custom insights dashboard by pinning your questions

Auto-generate SQL queries so data experts can trust results and reuse code


Actionable Insights

Identify Learners in Need. Improve Success.

Gain a clear understanding of which learners need additional support so you can improve their experience and outcomes.

Real-time monitoring with customisable indicators and thresholds

Direct communication for swift intervention

Easily shareable insights to maximise learner success


Impactful Insights

Set the Standard for Course Effectiveness

Efficiently manage and measure the effectiveness of your courses to ensure they consistently deliver high-quality, impactful learning experiences.

Quickly identify courses that don't meet established benchmarks

Take prompt action by messaging instructors directly

Share insights across teams to drive continuous improvements


Usage Insights

Understand LTI Adoption

See which LTI tools are being used inside Canvas LMS so you can make informed decisions about adoption, usage, and impact.

Surface an institution’s LTI usage data in an easily digestible way

Access visualisations based on each institution's unique LTI tool landscape

Sort, filter, and search across tools and drill down for more details


Intelligent Insights

Improve your institution's teaching and learning with actionable insights that enable data-informed decision-making at scale.