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Explore our case studies to hear the challenges that schools and insituitions overcome and results received since implementing our solutions. Discover how educators use Canvas, Mastery, Elevate and Impact by Instructure to take their classrooms to the next level.


Case Studies

  • Case Studies

    UC Davis: Building an Equitable Textbook…

    Learn more about how the Equitable Access program at UC Davis was created to
  • Case Studies

    Creating a one-stop shop EMA

    Find out how the University of Wolverhampton is developing new electronic
  • Case Studies

    Promoting Openness with Canvas Tools

    Find out how Laurea University used Canvas to implement Open Education
  • Case Studies

    Developing local LTI tools to integrate into…

    Find out how the University of Oxford is developing its own local LTI tools to
  • Case Studies

    A User Experience approach to distance…

    Find out how the University of Birmingham took a UX approach to online distance
  • Case Studies

    Learning Experience

    Find out how ISDI Business School boosted learning experiences via collaboration
  • Case Studies

    Coastal Alabama Community College: Bridging…

    See how Coastal Alabama Community College used Canvas to support an 18% increase
  • Case Studies

    Case Study: Lund University

    Read this case study about Lund & how they adapted to online learning during the
  • Case Studies

    Case Study: Glasgow College

    We speak with Joe Wilson MA, PGCE, DipEd, MBA, Head of Digital Skills at City of
  • Case Studies

    Ontario Tech University: Re-imagining…

    After migrating to Canvas LMS in 2020, Ontario Tech implemented Catalog to offer
  • Case Studies

    Case Study: QA Apprenticeships

    Learn how QA uses Canvas to meet the demands of students as they seek a great
  • Case Studies

    Case Study: Lovisenberg Diakonale Høgskole

    Learn how this institution used Canvas(LMS) to support the sharing of medical
  • Case Studies

    Case Study: Queen's University

    Learn how Queen's University uses Canvas to offer an online learning element in
  • Case Studies

    Case Study: Preston's College

    Learn how Preston's College uses Canvas to aim to provide the culture
  • Case Studies

    City University of Hong Kong: Rapidly…

    Learn how CityU in Hong Kong used Canvas to pivot to a fully online learning