The Invaluable Role of An LMS in Modern K-12 Classrooms


When building a modern K-12 classroom, a strong set of pillars is necessary to provide a productive and supportive learning foundation for all students. Among these pillars are several essential strategies to develop 21st-century learners:

  1. Technology Integration: Technology is an integral part of the modern classroom, with digital devices, such as tablets and laptops, that enhance the learning experience. Teachers use various educational software, multimedia resources, and online tools to provide students with engaging and interactive lessons.
  2. Personalized Learning: Today's classrooms accommodate students with various learning needs by offering personalized instruction. Teachers incorporate many teaching strategies, such as differentiated instruction, project-based learning, and individualized learning plans, to meet each student where they are.
  3. Collaborative Learning: Collaborative learning is essential in today's classrooms. Encouraging students to work in groups to solve problems, complete projects, and share ideas help them develop interpersonal skills that will be valuable to their future success.
  4. Critical Thinking: When teachers challenge students to think creatively, solve problems, and analyze information, they are laying the groundwork for students to hone their critical thinking skills and grow. Various activities, such as digital content stations, inquiry-based learning, and problem-based learning, encourage students to build on their analytical abilities.
  5. Inclusion and Diversity: Today's classrooms are diverse, and teachers strive to create an inclusive environment that advocates for all students. They promote cultural competence, respect diversity, and social-emotional learning to help students understand and appreciate differences.

Learning Management Systems (LMSs) are quickly becoming one of the pillars of the K-12 classroom. This central, digital learning environment helps provide a more student-centered, technology-enabled, and inclusive approach to education.

An LMS allows teachers and students to manage, track, and deliver learning materials digitally. In this digital hub of the classroom, teachers can create and deliver lessons, track student progress, and engage students efficiently. By creating an accessible learning environment, teachers and students can work together anytime, anywhere.

The society students are growing into is virtual and interactive. Many students engage with a variety of digital environments even before starting school. Providing a familiar learning experience in the K-12 modern classroom is paramount to keeping students engaged and setting them up for success. An LMS allows teachers to create and deliver lessons in various formats, such as text-based, videos, and other interactive activities, so that students can learn in a way that best suits their preferences and prepare for the future.

Open discussion forums also allow students to work together on projects and assignments and learn from one another. This type of collaboration encourages students to take ownership of their learning and to engage with one another.

Staying connected to parents and guardians remains critical for student success. Using an LMS is an opportunity to keep communication lines open between teachers, students, parents, and guardians, as well. Teachers can use an LMS to communicate with students and parents and provide them with access to course materials and resources.

In today’s K-12 classrooms, an LMS is becoming an essential tool for teachers and students. It provides an efficient and effective way to deliver lessons, track student progress, and assess student performance. Teachers, students, and parents can collaborate using an LMS to create an engaging and productive learning environment.

Every classroom can be built on a solid set of pillars where a Learning Management System serves as the central hub that gathers this solid foundation. The Instructure Learning Platform offers an open, reliable learning ecosystem where these fortifying pillars uphold the teaching and learning cycle in today’s classroom.

Through innovative pedagogy, interactive learning, and student engagement, the Instructure Learning Platform enables teachers and students to advance in every stage of the teaching and learning cycle:

  • Instruct - Teachers start by implementing innovative instructional strategies to engage students in learning experiences
  • Assess - To evaluate where students are in their learning journey, teachers deliver assessments that check for understanding and gauge student progress.
  • Reflect - Data—from grades and assessment scores to demographics, from behavior and attendance information to engagement metrics—provide teachers with meaningful insights into their students.
  • Advance - Teachers and administrators then use these insights to inform instruction and make decisions that affect student, class, school, and district-level outcomes.

Instructure Learning Platform offers educational solutions that work seamlessly together to strengthen schools, providing a modern, convenient, and robust foundation to enrich, support, and connect in today’s modern K-12 classroom.

The Instructure Learning Platform includes:

  • Canvas by Instructure: Streamlines teaching and learning activities and keeps teachers, students, and families connected and communicating. It includes Canvas LMS, Canvas Studio, Canvas Catalog, and Canvas Credentials.
  • Impact by Instructure: Helps teachers and students adopt educational technology and promote deeper engagement with learning.

In today’s evolving educational landscape, the Instructure Learning Platform offers thoughtful technology that will take your K-12 classroom to the next level of engagement. Whether you're in a large, small, urban, or rural district, the Instructure Learning Platform empowers your district with the pillars necessary to drive student success.

Learn more about today's K-12 classrooms and the solutions available for your school by downloading our free ebook, “The Pillars of Today’s K-12 Classroom”. 

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