Moments from Day 1 of InstructureCon 2023

Making Moments at InstructureCon 2023: Social Highlights from Day 1
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There are those moments—some big, some small—that make a huge impact. Educators, administrators, and edtech enthusiasts crossed the globe to make new moments together at InstructureCon 2023 in Denver, Colorado. 

The day started off with a bang (literally) during the opening keynote from Instructure executives, including our CEO and resident ringleader, Steve Daly.


Moments of Learning

Dr. Jordan Nguyen took the stage to share insights on creating inclusive innovations and how technology can bring positive, sustainable, and life-altering change. This keynote mesmerized those in the room, creating moments of awe and inspiring thoughtful conversation about the topic.


The learning continued with insightful breakout sessions, high-energy networking, and all-around-awesomeness. Artificial intelligence (AI) was a hot topic, with panel discussions on it's impact in education and Instructure's guiding principles on the use of AI (plus, more announcements to come.)


Moments of Inspiration

Attendees were invited to share their favorite educational confetti moments for their chance to win a stay in the Presidential Suite, and the response was astounding. We are so proud to be a part of these moments.


Moments of Connection

One of the best parts of the first day of a conference (especially InstructureCON 😉) are the moments of connection, especially since we're back together in person! 


Moments of Fun

InstructureCon is synonymous with fun—and day one was full of moments of fun. 


We’re so excited to be back together again to experience new moments with you. Stay tuned for a whole lot of learning…and a whole lot of fun as InstructureCon 2023 carries on! 

To learn more about #InstCON23 moments-in-the-making, visit our event website or the InstructureCon Community hub.


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