Define Engagement With Impact: Influence Behavior with Mastery Connect + Canvas


Teachers and administrators do everything they can to meet students where they are and drive learning from individual strengths and areas of need. Assessment Management Systems (AMS) like Mastery Connect provides a clear vision of where each student is at any given moment in order to address learning gaps quickly. 

As the rush of the new school year subsides, it’s crucial that administrators know how teachers have been engaging with their AMS and LMS, especially as they prepare for district benchmark and state assessments. Impact by Instructure, our adoption and engagement tool, is now available for joint Mastery Connect and Canvas LMS customers. 

How can administrators get insight into how teachers engage with Mastery Connect?

First, let’s talk about defining engagement. All districts and administrators don’t think of engagement in the same way. Leaders need to be able to decide what’s important to them – not be limited by a tool that defines engagement metrics for them. 

So, how do you want your teachers to engage with Mastery Connect? What initiatives are important to you? What best practices do you want teachers to use when it comes to assessment and your AMS? Are there certain features and tasks that are critical for all teachers?

Impact is powerful enough to give you the flexibility to define what’s most important when it comes to engagement. With powerful insights, administrators can use monitors within Mastery Connect to understand how teachers are using the AMS.

Influence User Behavior in Mastery Connect 

Once you define what user engagement in Mastery Connect means to you and can see which features of the AMS are being used (or underutilized), you can take a targeted approach to changing behavior by communicating with only the people who need to see it, and not bogging down those who don’t with extra messages. No longer do you have to rely on mass emails that get lost in the shuffle or use precious professional development hours to show best practices, distribute critical information, onboard new staff, provide support, or roll out initiatives. Impact helps users take action in the moment, with in-product targeted messages and self-help content when they need it, directly where they are already doing everything teaching and learning related— Mastery Connect and Canvas LMS.

Impact now includes:

  • Insights, so you can identify exactly where teachers and students need support to implement best practices when using Mastery Connect and Canvas. When you use monitors for the student and/or teacher activities that matter most, you are able to influence the behaviors that are most important to teaching and learning. In Mastery Connect, use monitors to see: 
    • who has created and/or added students to Trackers 
    • who has created Trackers from a Curriculum Map
    • which teachers have created an assessment and used certain question types 
    • and so much more
  • In-app messaging through your inline editor or dashboard on any page and page element within Mastery Connect, so you can support teachers and students right where they need it. Initiate Campaigns to:
    • guide teachers to online PD resources 
    • prompt teachers to use rubric-based assessment
    • add off grade-level standards (to accelerate or remediate)
    • build Mastery Paths in Canvas related to assessment results within Mastery Connect
    • and so much more
  • A robust out-of-the-box Mastery Connect Support Center category, so admin, teachers, and students can access contextualized support guides about all things Mastery Connect. The Support Center is also fully customizable so your in-house resources can be added and available to users 24/7, too. 

Whether your school or district is in the implementation/onboarding phase, supporting a subset of teachers to create their first Tracker and deliver their first formative assessment, or showing teachers how to do something new in Mastery Connect, Impact provides timely, targeted in-product support. Impact allows administrators to multiply their presence by supporting teachers via customized in-app messages and in-context support channels. These resources are available 24/7 and delivered directly inside the application, so no one has to navigate away from the task at hand, leaving more time and focus dedicated to teaching and learning.

Not only does the integration of Impact within Mastery Connect create a seamless ecosystem for communication and accessing resources among administrators and teachers, it also ultimately positively impacts student achievement by helping teachers meet them exactly where they are.

Learn more about Impact and how you can use it with Mastery Connect and Canvas.

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