Confetti Moments from Day 3 of InstructureCon 2023

Confetti Moments at InstructureCon 2023:  Highlights from Day 3
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All good things must come to an end, and InstructureCon 2023 is no exception. We were so happy to reconnect in person with the brightest in education and edtech, and we shared so many moments that we don't want to forget.

Day three of InstructureCon did not disappoint, with Deepak Chopra invigorating the room with a closing keynote about unlocking your potential in the classroom and beyond.

All throughout the day, moments were made. From the breakout sessions to the closing remarks, attendees gained invaluable insights and perspectives that can help shape the future of teaching and learning.

And while InstructureCon 2023 may be over, the moments made over the past three days will stay with us forever. We hope you return home with inspiration and motivation, driven to continue your learning journey and incorporate these moments into your classrooms.

It’s not a goodbye, but a “see you later.” To everyone who attended, thank you! We are honored to be a small part of your journey. We hope to see you all again at InstructureCon 2024 in Las Vegas!

To learn more about #InstCON23 moments-in-the-making, visit our event website or the InstructureCon Community hub.

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