Wisenet & Canvas


Wisenet have built an integration allowing you to link Wisenet LRM to Canvas.

We have republished this helpful video they created here with their permission.

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Whether you're a higher education provider or a registered training organization or an enterprise offering short courses, when it comes to creating the user profiles, enrolling the learners into the right courses, managing grades and updating it back to the student management system, you're met with time-consuming administrative tasks, like downloading and uploading of data leading to many discrepancies between applications and to top it all, the hidden costs.

That's why Wisenet have built an integration which allows you to link Wisenet LRM to Canvas.

This e-learning integration is super efficient and very easy to set up. You can map the Canvas courses to Wisenet courses or units which provides more flexibility.

  • Adding your learning enrollments in Wisenet will automatically create learner profiles and enrollments in Canvas.
  • Group management is also possible. Specify the group for an e-learning enrollment and the integration will automatically add them to the right group in Canvas.
  • You can set up enrollment rules to automatically enable and disable the e-learning enrollments and user access. These rules are configured based on course enrollment and unit enrollment start and end dates. This allows you to set and forget with regards to access control. Updating grades in the student management system can be a time consuming process.
  • We've introduced Auto Grade which can simplify the e-learning grade to Wisenet sync process. You can set up grade mapping rules for any grade type that can then process Canvas grade events to Wisenet and auto update unit enrollment fields like outcome, result, and unit completion date.

We're here to help you streamline the most time-consuming processes for you like learner creation, access management, and grade sync.

Over a period, we've observed that clever integration between apps has demonstrated team efficiency and higher engagement. Call us to make the switch to the new e-learning integration and achieve more with Wisenet.