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      How to Use an LMS to Improve Teaching and Learning Effectiveness (Indonesia)

      More than ever, Institutions are seeking an integrated platform that allows teachers to instruct, assess, and analyze data seamlessly. A poorly chosen learning management platform can inhibit technology adoption, restrict further integration, and diminish the return on investment. And yet, it’s not surprising for educational institutions to operate on a disjointed set of solutions, or think that they have a learning management system, believing their student management system is a fully-fledged LMS. 


      Watch our Edutech Indonesia roundtable session replay and listen to our expert speakers as they discuss how to:

      • Choose the right tools to achieve desired student outcomes, reduce operational inefficiencies, and improve the quality of teaching

      • Analyze data to identify challenges and support decision-making in and out of the classroom

      • Continue to build upon your institutions’ learning ecosystem moving forward, no matter where learning takes place