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      BCITO Case Study

      New Zealand part of a global community of vocational education providers

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      In this case study, you'll learn more about the following insights:

      1. The pandemic interrupted training advisors' on-site visits to check apprentices' progress. This meant BCITO had to refine its service model.

      2. Canvas allows BCITO to streamline learning, build better relationships between apprentices and training advisors, offer online as well as face-to-face worksite visits, plus apprentices say they are more motivated and find learning easier.

      3. A Canvas plugin allows text to be read aloud in other languages or the font size increased, making the learning more accessible and inclusive, such as for apprentices who aren’t native English speakers or need help with literacy.

      4. Employers can also use Canvas to easily view the learning progress of their apprentices and interact with the learning journey when it’s convenient for them.