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      Become a Canvas Certified Educator

      The swift adoption of technology in classrooms and on campuses across the globe has undoubtedly enabled teachers and students to keep the learning going. But the very presence of technology does not amplify learning, improve student outcomes, or inspire growth—great educators do. We believe education is not about the tool at all, it’s about the practice the tool supports.

      As your institution evolves to meet the needs of every learner, teachers must also be supported as they adopt new instructional delivery methods. That’s why we are proud to launch our newest professional development series, the Canvas Certified Educator Program.

      Through a progression of online courses, participants will learn pedagogical practices for online and blended learning designed to strengthen their use of Canvas. Beyond the technical training, the program addresses three fundamental professional development needs for both K–12 and higher education institutions.

      Develop and Retain Great Educators

      Found in both K–12 and higher education research, collective teacher efficacy has the largest impact on student achievement. Similarly to how teachers drive student growth, education institutions must invest in their teachers' growth, supporting them as they identify learning gaps and adapt instruction, curate curriculum and deliver engaging content, and measure skills and improve practices. With four core courses to choose from, the Canvas Certified Educator program allows teachers to hone in on specific PD goals and deepen their understanding of the tools and features they need to support instruction.

      Ensure Deep Implementation and Successful Adoption of Technology

      Technology is most effective when it’s used consistently by all teachers. When institutions adopt and uphold best practices for content creation and instructional delivery, teachers have more time to build interactive activities and content to improve student engagement. Each training course allows participants to learn at their own pace to master strategies for motivating learners and maximizing student achievement using Canvas.

      Move From a Transactional to a Transformational Learning Experience

      As instructional plans continue to vary between remote, blended, and hybrid learning, teachers must find new methods for collaboration and connection. Participants will learn effective methods for personalizing learning and creating student choice in learning environments, enabling students to track their progress toward specific learning goals.

      Learn more about the program and reserve your spot in the first virtual cohort today!

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