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      Amplify Your Virtual Classroom With AWS Educate

      With the global shift to remote learning, the need for flexible and comprehensive tools that work with Canvas is more important than ever. AWS Educate, Amazon’s global initiative to provide students comprehensive resources for building cloud computing skills, is available to educators at no cost. Over 10,000 educators around the world use AWS Educate in their classrooms to connect their students with hands-on cloud computing resources to prepare them for careers in growing fields.

      With AWS Educate, educators have access to several no-cost features, including:

      • Virtual classroom environments: Use classrooms to create a virtual space for students to learn about the cloud in a hands-on environment. Each classroom is tailored to a different topic, including cloud basics, big data, and machine learning. These templated environments each come with a different set of AWS services available to students. Educators can monitor students as they work in the cloud without having to deal with any billing or technical management. In addition, students invited to a classroom by their educator receive access to an AWS Educate Starter Account equipped with AWS promotional credit so they can build hands-on in the cloud.
      • Cloud learning content: Access flexible course content contributed by both educators and AWS to incorporate into your classroom. Explore full courses, lectures, or assignments and search by keyword or specialty to find your desired content. Simply export the content you want into Canvas LMS. From full courses and lectures to assignments and activities, each piece of content aligns to a category, skill, or AWS service.
      • AWS access: Once you invite students to join your virtual classroom, they’ll receive access to an AWS Educate Starter Account equipped with AWS Promotional Credit. With these credits, students have the ability to build in the cloud.
      • Professional development: Expand your own cloud skills through AWS Educate courses or AWS Training and Certification programs. Other resources include instructional videos and self-paced labs. In addition, educators have access to the same self-paced learning content as AWS Educate students, so you can learn key cloud skills found in cloud careers through Cloud Career Pathways and Specialty Badges.

      AWS Educate is also offering a series of webinars to help educators continue to build cloud skills during this time of school closings. Any educator can view and register for an upcoming webinar or view dozens of webinars on-demand. Each webinar is focused on teaching cloud computing concepts or remote learning strategies for a virtual or blended environment.

      With a no-cost AWS Educate account, educators can access curated learning content and hands-on teaching resources to help students learn foundational cloud concepts and prepare them for careers in the cloud. Learn more at and come visit the AWS booth at CanvasCon to meet the team and ask questions.